What to Write and Keep in the Baby’s First Year Diary


New mother? Congrats! If you were thinking about starting a diary for your baby during the pregnancy, yet you feel overwhelmed by life with a newborn, don’t give up now. Chances you regret this later are high, so gather your strengths and write before you forget. What to write? And what to keep in the diary? Here are some ideas!

  1. The writing? Start with the birth. Describe how you went into labor and insist on your feelings and emotions. How did you feel when you heard the baby’s first cry? What about seeing him? Were you overwhelmed with happiness? Did you cry a river of tears of joy? Write all these down and think that you will basically share all that you felt with the baby’s arrival with him when he will be an adult (and maybe even a parent-to-be).
  2. The thing to keep? The pregnancy test. It is great if you have it because you can keep that too in the baby’s diary. After all, that’s the first sign of his presence into this world.
  3. First photo or photos good enough to share? Print (it or them) and paste them with a few words describing the way you felt seeing your little baby with your own eyes.
  4. The first days with a new baby are a miracle. Describe the beginning of your relationship. The joy of just staring at him, of touching his soft skin. How did you feel holding him close? How did you feel dealing with him while still in the maternity ward?
  5. Going home is a big step – keep his hospital bracelet in the diary. It will remind you how small and precious he was immediately during birth and it will be a great token that will recall the start of your life together.
  6. What about breastfeeding? Write about it. Do you find it difficult? Do you enjoy having your baby so close? Is he calming down when he’s agitated and you keep him close to you? Breastfeeding usually gives mothers a special bond with their babies, but don’t feel guilty in case you cannot do it or it is still painful for you.
  7. The milestones your baby reaches in the first year also need to be duly noted in his diary. This way you won’t miss anything when he will ask you about his first teeth, first word or other important moments in his first year of life.
  8. Keep a strand of his newborn hair. Before all his newborn hair falls off, which usually happens until the fourth month of the new baby’s life, cut of a strand and keep it in his diary. Not only will this be a cute memory of his baby hair, but will also allow you to see how his hair color is changing through the years. Or at least until the end of his first year, when you can cut another strand and see the differences.
  9. Don’t forget to write about weaning and add some photos to the story. This is bigger than other milestones in the child’s life, so don’t forget to record his reaction to food, both in words and pictures. It will be funny to remember how his first meal was when he’ll be a grown-up with clear preferences and expectations regarding food.
  10. The baby’s first birthday – if you plan to put an end to his diary with this opportunity, write first about the party, about his reaction to the cake, his likes and dislikes at this age and other things you consider important. Add the invitation to the party and some pictures from the celebration too.

Reliving the first year of your child will bring you a storm of good feelings no matter if you go back to the diary a month after ending it, or a decade. As long as you will live, you will remember this as a very special time in his life, with wonderful moments and great memories.


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