The WortyMouse’s guide: Hiking Paths in Ireland


The US have a lot wonderful places to visit and we surely encourage you all to drive across the continent and enjoy as many as possible. But if you’re that kind of guy or gal who spends time in Europe or in Asia, well, we’ve got a little something for you: the WorthyMouse’s guide for hiking in Ireland.

Ireland is a island in the North-West of the Old Continent, with the highest elevation at 1,041 m (3,415 ft), shared by Northern Ireland – part of the Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland. Most of the walking tours are organized in the Republic of Ireland, a country filled with tales and natural wonders.

History, mythology and hiking trails

Ancient paths and mythology? Combine that with some of the best walking and hiking trails in the world and you get 3 to 10 days of unforgettable vacation. You can get help from a specialized agency in walking holidays & tours in Ireland, but here are some ideas we’ve collected:

  1. Carlingford & Cooley Peninsula
  2. Cooley & Mourne Mountains
  3. Antrim and Causeway Coast
  4. Causeway Coast
  5. Wicklow Way Walking Holiday
  6. Dingle Peninsula
  7. Kerry Way

How much does a hiking tour in Ireland cost?

Wonder how much such a walking holiday would cost you? Well, the pricing depends on the number of days you want to spend hiking, the accommodation options and the actual route. Prices start at € 349 and can go up from there. You also need to take in consideration the flight cost (if you were to fly from London, those are not that high), while the baggage transfers are included in the tour costs.



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