WorthyMouse’s Free Competitions for Kids List


Whether you work in the educational system or just take care of the friends’ kids on a regular basis, like they do it for you too, the need to fill their time with something meaningful is the same. So it’s important to be prepared ahead of time with the activities meant to keep them entertained.

As long as they’re school kids, this becomes even more complicated, as occupying their time with play just isn’t enough anymore. As some point, shifting their focus towards learning activities, competitions and things that help them develop their skills becomes crucial. Based on this need, we’ve developed a list that should help you plan the kids’ events in the next period of time without too much fuss. We have compiled a lineup of competitions in which you can easily involve the children.

1. A writing competition is great if you want to stimulate reading and writing, and also the development of their vocabulary. Please check our website for more on such a competition, because you’ll be surprised of how many ideas we have prepared for you.

2. A photography competition is another idea on which we developed more on our site, so don’t miss the opportunity to steal some inspiration from Worthy Mouse’s writers which try to come up with the best to make your life easier.

3. A drawing competition would also be an excellent idea, as children love to get messy with paint, crayons or markers. Prepare either sheets of paper, or a wall (does this sound crazy? – many parents leave white walls in a playroom for such activities) on which they could draw or paint. If it’s a competition you’ll need a prize and some rules, including how the winner is chosen. Elect a theme and leave the kids the freedom to create.

4. A swimming competition would be a great race and adventure for kids. Even more, fun in the outdoor will be quite exciting for them in the summer, when they’ll feel the need to combat the heat somehow. Establish some rules related on the styles of swimming that need to be approached, prepare an attractive prize and get ready to play the arbiter and to watch closely how the competition develops. Don’t forget about the sunscreen and the water they also need to drink, not only to swim in.

5. A scavenger’s’ hunt is another route to follow if you have enough children on your territory and if they’re big enough to understand and follow the rules. Split them in two teams and prepare the clues and directions for them ahead to make sure you got all the bases covered. Make sure the finish line expects them with something promising and stimulating and keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t get hurt in the house or around it.

Dotting children isn’t easy, but it can be fun. Also, competitions will end up with great memories for them, while, on the other hand, you’ll hand them to crazy grateful parents that will owe you forever for the tired children who’ll be easier to handle at home.


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