Worthy Mouse’s List of Baby Girl Names


Every parent to be is haunted by the question “And how will you name the baby?”, so naming is an important game during a pregnancy. Websites are perused, lists are being made, meanings are being read, and originality is sought. In order to help, the Worthy Mouse team has also compiled a list of 10 favorite baby girl names, based on the preferences of those in our group. Here we go.

1. Eva – short and sweet, easy to “assort” with most family names, according to the Bible, this is the name of the first woman God created. It means life and it comes from Hebrew.

2. Mara – another short name that goes easy with many family names. Also, it has an international resonance and it is easy to spell. However, the name has a sad meaning – bitter. It also comes from Hebrew.

3. Alice – starting with a clear A, the name comes from the old English language and means noble or kind, making it a great choice for many parents seeking a name that transmits a positive message.

4. Sophia is another favorite of ours. Meaning wisdom in Greek, this is a popular choice in the last decade both in English speaking states and in Europe.

5. Isabella is another sweet baby girl name, a modern variation of the classic Elizabeth, which comes from Hebrew and means devoted to God, which makes it an often choice for practicing Christians.

6. Lily – as the flower, the name is considered a symbol of purity for Christian devotees.

7. Chloe was the Greek representation of the goddess of fertility, meaning blooming. Although many parents prefer the more modern version with a K instead of C, the name remains a classic.

8. Hannah means favor or grace of God in Hebrew, so no wonder many parents choose it for their young daughters, with hopes of a great future in front of them.

9. Harper was at first a noun describing someone who plays the harp. However, due to Harper Lee’s fame, which rose after she published To Kill a Mockingbird, the name became a hit.

10. Grace is tied to the Greek words describing beauty and joy, while it is itself a precious word in the English language. It’s simple, pretty and classy.

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