Worthy Mouse’s Guide to Childproofing Your Home


Once your baby starts getting out of his crib and crawling, there’s one important thing to do to keep him safe and sound: childproof your home. How’s that possible? Here are some of the most important aspects you need to consider:

Lock the forbidden territories

AKA make sure the baby cannot access scissors, knives or heavy pots. Use locks and latches to block cabinets and drawers where these are located and be careful when opening these in his presence. They catch up so fast with these things you’ll be surprised how quickly he’ll be able to unlock the safety measures you impose if he sees how. So stay vigilant and cover up!

Secure furniture

Once he can climb, he may drag closets or other pieces of furniture over himself while hiking on them. So make sure to secure your furniture to the floors or walls in order to avoid an incident that may hurt or even kill him (we know it sounds dramatic, but this has actually happened in the past and it’s something you need to know in order to be able to avoid). Also think about corners and edges and attach guards on them to make sure he doesn’t get hurt or cut.

Secure electrical equipment

Unplug appliances if you’re not there when they’re used, keep their cords behind closets and put safety covers on electrical outlets to keep them out of curious little hands.

Move everything he can reach and damage

Everything that he can reach needs to be adapted to his needs. So even if you have a big and impressing library, stuffed with books, decorations, pictures, paintings and so on, remove them until your child grows and learns not to play around with them. Instead of things he does not need, fill the spaces with toys which cannot hurt him or soft books that will attract him.

Keep cleaning products locked

Move all cleaning products from kitchen and/or bathroom in closets which can be locked. These are usually toxic, but they do come in colored and cute packaging which may seem fun for the baby. Keep them away from him until he grows older and understands what the issues may be.

Don’t forget about fire and water safety

For his safety, don’t leave him unattended close to fire (burning candles, stove or others) or water (full bathtub, pool and so on) because at an early age he won’t understand the dangers surrounding him.

There are millions of possibilities and scenarios of things that can go wrong. However, for your kid’s safety and for your peace of mind, respect the basic rules of child proofing in order to be able to breathe easily even if you need to run out of a room for a minute. He’ll eventually grow up and learn the dos and don’ts of life, but until then you are the one who’s responsible for his well being. Kindly explain to him everything about the surroundings but don’t expect him to understand everything from day one. Be patient, he’ll eventually grow up and learn about boundaries, until then… eyes on the child!


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