Week by Week Pregnancy Stages from WorthyMouse


Each week of pregnancy brings a little more life, a little more joy and with each week you are closer to meeting your child for the first time. Let’s take a look at the wonderful journey of your baby’s development:

Weeks 1 and 2. You ovulate and the egg travels down the fallopian tube towards the uterus. If the egg meets a sperm cell it will be fertilized.

Week 3. The ball of cells is attached to the uterus, which is called implantation. This ball is called blastocyst and it’s starting to produce the hCG hormone.

Week 4. The ball is now officially an embryo. Placenta is developing and you might be able to get a positive home pregnancy test result.

Week 5. The tiny heart is beginning to beat during this week.

Week 6. Your baby’s face is beginning to have shape, the brain is also starting to develop. You might begin to experience morning sickness.

Week 7. Your uterus should be double in size by now. The tiny embryo is starting to develop hands and feet.

Week 8. Your baby is developing lungs and breathing tubes and is forming primitive neural pathways.

Week 9. The face is starting to look more human. You might notice your belly growing by now.

Week 10. The most critical part of the development is over. Organs and limbs are formed.

Week 11. The baby is able to move, stretch and even hiccups appear during this week.

Week 12. The kidneys are starting to work and the brain is growing rapidly.

Week 13. This is the last week of the first trimester. Your baby has even fingerprints now!

Week 14. The baby is able to make facial expressions now. You should begin to feel less nausea.

Week 15. The baby is sensitive to light already.

Week 16. The legs are more developed by now so you will soon begin to feel your baby kicking.

Week 17. The skeleton of your baby is starting to change from cartilage to bone.

Week 18. You might be able to find out the sex starting this week. Your appetite should begin to increase.

Week 19. The senses are beginning to develop. Talk and sing to your baby!

Week 20. The baby is able to swallow now.

Week 21. Baby has eyebrows now!

Week 22. The face of the baby is more distinct already.

Week 23. Your child is able to sense your motions.

Week 24. The baby has a longer figure now.

Week 25. During this week the baby gets more baby fat and he grows some hair.

Week 26. The lungs are developing.

Week 27. The baby is more active already.

Week 28. There is some blinking happening and he senses light easily.

Week 29. The muscles are developing more and more.

Week 30. The baby is growing even faster.

Week 31. Braxton Hicks contractions are starting to appear.

Week 32. Baby fat is accumulating, preparing your child for the outside world.

Week 33. The bones are getting stronger.

Week 34. The central nervous system is maturing.

Week 35. The kidneys are fully developed by now.

Week 36. You might begin feeling that the baby is starting to drop down to your pelvis.

Week 37. You might experience more contractions.

Week 38. Brain and lungs are almost fully matured and ready for the outside world.

Week 39. You baby is full term and should arrive soon!

Weeks 40 and 41. You are past your due-date but these two weeks are still considered safe. If more time passes, induce labor.


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