The Vasectomy Recovery Time


Choosing to undergo this procedure is clearly a very important decision for you and your family. It makes things easier in terms of contraception since it’s one of the most effective types of birth control. It can be considered one of the safest options since only one or two out of 1000 couples still get pregnant during the first year after undergoing this surgery. Make sure you understand what this procedure implies before choosing it and make sure you don’t want to have more children in the future. Sometimes a vasectomy can be reversed but that means you need to undergo a much more difficult and expensive surgery.

What is a vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a method of birth control where the man is unable to get the woman pregnant because the tubes – vas deferens that allow the sperm to get into the semen are blocked or cut. So this procedure is used to seal the tubes form each testicle so the sperm is no longer mixed with the semen. Even if the man ejaculates, the woman will not get pregnant because the egg cannot be fertilized with semen that doesn’t have sperm. The sperm is still produced by the testicles but it will be reabsorbed just as it happens when it’s not ejaculated after a long time. So it’s not an unnatural process for the body to have to reabsorb the sperm it produces.

How is the recovery?

You will not need any stitches for the punctures of the surgery since they are really small. The area will heal easily and you won’t have any scars. You might experience some pain after surgery but usually you won’t even need pain killers. Swelling and bruising in that area are also normal but they will slowly heal during the next days. After approximately two weeks you will notice that the swelling and bruises are completely gone.

There are some instructions you would need to follow after surgery, which include:

– Getting plenty of sleep and rest, to help your body heal faster.

– You can take pain medicine but only the one that is recommended by your doctor. Make sure you avoid specific types of medicine such as aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen or ketoprofen for at least one week after surgery.

– You can use ice packs to help with the swelling in that area.

– There are some types of tight-fitting underwear you can use in order to help support your scrotum until it heals.

– Avoid high levels of activity, sports and lifting big weights until you fully recover. You can do some exercise but try to limit yourself only to light activity.

– Going back to work depends on your type of activity. If you have a desk job you might go back to work after a couple of days but if your job implies more physical activity you will need to ask your doctor when it’s okay to return to work.

– Doctors recommend waiting a week or two before you resume any sexual activity but it mostly depends on your comfort level.

– Use a form of birth control after the vasectomy until you get your sperm tested. You will need to test your sperm 2 months after the vasectomy and make sure your sperm count is zero before you give up other forms of birth control. You can test your sperm in the doctor’s office or buy a test that you can use at home.


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