Unique Baby Boy Names – Strategies on How to Build Them


Well, they would not be unique if many babies would actually have them, right? So, our main goal, here, at Worthy Mouse, is not to give you a list of names on a silver platter, but rather to help you build something new using different methods and techniques, so you can guarantee your baby boy he really is the one and only. And not only for you, as his parent, but generally speaking. Let’s go through what we have on our list.

The foreign word

You really, really, really love a certain culture? Embrace it then by looking for your favorite words in its language and see if these would look appealing next to your family name. If they do, you have a moniker for your newborn son.

Exercise: love translates in Javanese as Tresna, passion translates in Catalan as Passio and story translates as Oyku in Turkish.

The double letter

The easy way out when it comes to unique baby boy names is the extra letter. Take any name you like and just double a letter, as you wish. And there you have it, something no one else uses.

Exercise: David can be Davvid, Ben can be Benn or Jeremy can become Jeremmy.

The family history extravaganza

There are surely long forgotten family names in your own family tree, so why not open a discussion on this with your parents or even grandparents? You might be surprised to find out about names that disappeared with the years but that are full of grace and blend harmoniously with your family name.

Exercise: asking around we’ve found about a Zenobia and a Gavriel. Pretty rare, right?

The adoption of a foreign name with a personal twist

If you like foreign names but you don’t want your baby boy to seem too… out of place, just grab a name and adapt it as you wish. After all, there are so many personal accents you can put in a name.

Exercise: Zoltan is a Hungarian name which can be easily converted to Zolten, while Maurice is a French name which can become Mauris.

Of course, these are only some of the strategies that you can use in order to make sure your dear baby boy has a name never encountered. But you may even stir a trend with your unusual choice, so keep in the back of your mind that in such a case you’d only obtain the opposite effect of what you wished…


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