Top 15 Unusual Baby Names


In some countries there are laws prohibiting the use of certain baby names, however, we’ve compiled a list of unusual monikers used mostly by English natives in order to call their babies. Even if these choices are not illegal, it’s better to think twice before choosing for your baby a name that may stick with him or her in an unpleasant manner. Here’s our top 15:

15. Sausagea – seriously, new mom and new dad, WHY? Sausage a, as in… a sausage, one sausage? Originality is not always a good idea; please think about this criterion again when naming your future child. This moniker surfaced last year in the United States of America.

14. Twins Catherine and Katerina – apparently one couple from New Zealand use this crushing couple of names for their little girls. Why? We’re not sure either, but it clearly strikes us as unusual, to say the least.

13. Fifi Trixibelle – nothing new when celebrities decide to opt for crazy names, right? Bob Gedolf did it back in 1983, so just wait for the new wave of stars and you’ll be surprised by their imagination (or lack of…).

12. Facebook – a couple in Egypt actually named its daughter after the famous social network. Let’s hope it doesn’t sink in as fast as hi5. What’s hi5? Q.E.D.

11. Ninel – used for both girls and boys, lacking grace and harmony, apparently it was made famous a few decades ago in Russia as it is Lenin spelled backwards.

10. Eighmey – you’ll be surprised to learn that the parents are actually raising an Amy but did not want their daughter to blend in, but rather to stand out. She sure does.

9. North and Saint – for a couple as weird, yet adored as Kardashian – West, are you surprised by the choice? We’ll keep our opinion on this name for ourselves, here at Worthy Mouse; however, they both strike us as out-of-the-ordinary choices.

8. Diva Muffin – crazy rock stars did not appear yesterday, so Frank Zappa found a quite curious name for a newborn back in 1979. Apparently he named her like this because the little one was very vocal.

7. Derpina appeared as Derp was such a successful meme. So why not brand the girl version of it, though some parents in the US? Good or bad idea? You be the judge.

6. Dick – we have no idea why or how but apparently American parents still cling on to this name (in 2017!) despite its rather interesting connotations.

5. Hitler – yup, some really got away with it. No need for further explanation, right?

4. Satan – why, in the name of the Lord, you might ask?! We have no idea why, but anything is possible in a free country. And as long as you are reading this, chances are 100% you really live in a free country.

3. Prince Michael II – no matter how much he was loved, Michael Jackson was still NOT royalty. Apparently he lived in a bubble all by himself, as he was clearly convinced that naming one of his children as a throne heir is a brilliant finding.

2. Moxie Crimefigher – comedian Pen Jillette named his daughter like this. Maybe he did not realize he wasn’t acting while he decided for the name.

1.  Nevaeh – it may seem exotic and everything, but the word is only a synonym for hell. Not quite the lovely name full of blessings you’d think for a child newly brought into this world.

Of course, at the end of the day, the decision on how to call your child is 100% yours. But for the sake of your little treasure… please think this through.


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