Top 10 Weird Pregnancy Cravings


If you’re pregnant and you feel the worst ever, at least have a good laugh. There’s an exciting, but crazy journey lying ahead of you, but first relax and take into consideration some of the things you might bump into. Like weird cravings that might hit you in the middle of the night, the start of an important business meeting or during a wedding ceremony in a church. Basically, in all the inappropriate moments and places. Before actually going through such things, here’s a list of the top 10 really weird pregnancy cravings our team heard about.

Number 10: ice cream and pickles. Sweet? Checked! Sour? Checked! Both together? Checked too! Although you might find this disgusting right now, give yourself a couple of months to pass the first trimester with all its obnoxious symptoms.

Number 9: chocolate with raw onion. Well, if chocolate is basically a salad because it’s made from cocoa, which comes from trees, the combination does not even qualify as awkward. Reality check? Sure it is! But we’re talking about the nine months in which no one judges a future mama.

Number 8: wall paint. And no… we are NOT kidding. The craving to eat or… lick wall paint is described by many women in all stages of pregnancy. Apparently, this rather unique urge to taste something that’s made for home design rather than for a real meal is connected to a lack of Calcium.

Number 7: mustard. Plain mustard. If you’d thought the only thing to eat from the jar with a spoon is Nutella, there’s at least one woman out there that would contradict you and would offer her kingdom not for a horse, but for a jar of mustard.

Number 6: Coke. Oh… you know how the body works. The more inappropriate, the more tempting. So it is with the classic beverage, which is not exactly indicated for pregnant ladies due to the high levels of caffeine and sugar in it. However, if you feel like it, you can indulge in a glass each couple a days.

Number 5: lemonade. And to stick in the beverage category, next on the list is the sour, unsweetened, horribly sharp-tasting lemonade. At least this has a lot of vitamin C, but in case you crave it too, don’t overdo it with the drink, as it may cause you stomach aches, and it’s not like you’re free to take whatever pills while preggo.

Number 4: all things green. Although awkward, this is a rather good craving, because greens are never enough, they’re healthy and can give you a vitamin boost, which is much appreciated by the pregnant body. There can never be enough broccoli, celery or avocado in the world for some women.

Number 3: all things Italian. It’s like some women find themselves the reincarnation of an Italian nonna (grandma) during this stage of their life. If you can only think of pizza, pasta and mozzarella, get yourself into Italian speaking mode and refresh your knowledge of Italy and its rich foods.

Number 2: hot wings with tabasco. Nothing unusual if you’re a dragon. If you’re a mother to be, you might raise some eyebrows if you’ll talk about this mix in public.

Number 1: Jalapenos with hot chocolate. Because you probably thought there’s nothing worse than awkward combos, junk food or ethnic meals. If the mix doesn’t strike a chord for you right now… you can wait and re-read this later in your pregnancy.

Maybe these will not find a place in your diet, but we’re sure you’ll be able to make a list of your own, fully personalized in the months to come. Until then, go on and have fun with others’ nutty yearnings.


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