Tips and tricks for a cozy winter


How to “survive” a winter pregnancy

Being pregnant it’s amazing any time of the year, but winter brings on a few challenges. Even though it can be a magical wonderland, the freezing temperatures can get in your way of enjoying the most beautiful time of your life.

The good part is that a pregnant woman’s body temperature is usually two degrees higher than the average. In this case, as much as you need to bundle up to stay warm and cozy, you won’t be feeling the cold as much as everyone else around you.

How to stay comfy and warm when winter hits? Read on to find out the smartest tips.

The key to mastering outfits to stay warm during a winter pregnancy is to dress up in layers. That’s why you should invest in pieces you can mix and match, made of fluffy, warm and lightweight materials, such as fleece shirts, knitted cardigans, wool shirts, puffer vests or shearling coats.

What coat to choose?

When it comes to coats, even though you try to avoid investing in a new one, it’s better to reconsider this and buy one if you want to be able to button it up.

Look for a coat with an adjustable waist. Plus, opt for one in a traditional shade and classic silhouette that will allow you to pair it with almost any outfit.

Also, capes and ponchos make the best maternity coats, especially because they can keep you perfectly warm and will give you a super stylish appearance.

To make it warmer, wear a cozy sweater underneath the coat, grab some patterned mittens and a beanie. You’ll be such a cute mommy!

Best boots

Most important is to invest in a pair of high quality boots and of, course skip the boots with high heels. In winter, roads tend to be more slippery and walking comfortably could get a bit challenging.

You will need rubber-soled boots with good traction.

Choose boots which have a proper heel support and a wider calf or a little stretch.

Winter essentials

Also, don’t forget your winter essentials: scarves, a beanie or a hat, gloves.

Other tips& tricks for a cozy winter:

  • Wool is the key: wool skirts, wool pants, wool sweaters, wool coats – these will keep you warm!
  • It’s essential to layer your look!
  • Find a sweater style that suits you best and buy it in various shades
  • Even though you choose to wear dark clothes, play with scarves and other accessories in order to make your outfits pop
  • Always check the weather before leaving the house!
  • Don’t stay all the time in bed, even though coziness can be tempting! Get some fresh air!
  • Enjoy the amazing flavors of some warm cups of hot chocolate!
  • Keep your lips and skin moisturized
  • Don’t neglect the power of shiny jewelry – will put you into limelight at any time of the day.

Just remember: even though it’s cold doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Keep yourself and baby safe and warm this winter with practical and fashionable items, just perfect to make pregnancy the most beautiful time of your life!

image sources: Pinterest | BaptistHealth


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