This year’s list of healthy parenting tips


Happy New Year!

New year, new trends, and it all reflects on parenting. If 50 years ago nobody talked about parenting styles, people were simply… parenting, the situation has changed in the last decades. However, we reach new year 2017 with the joy of BALANCE.

Many parenting styles are very keen on principles, standards and doctrines, however, we welcome the new year with equilibrium in mind. Reason why we have some tips and tricks that can help any parent, no matter the child’s age.

Give the child wings to fly

How? That’s simple! Is he still a baby learning to walk? Let him fall, don’t overprotect him. Yes, he may cry and be upset, but at some point he’ll learn HOW to fall and in the end he’ll know to walk without falling. Is he a toddler learning to ride a bike? Adopt the same approach. Bruises come and go, courage remains. Is he a teenager willing to go in his first camping trip without you? Why not? As long as he knows how to take care of himself and stay away from perils, he’s good to go. Children need freedom and trust, so don’t fret over such things and be an open parent.

Respect your child

Even if he’s only a small human being, your child is equal to you. An equal you’re raising to be great at adulthood, reason why you need to stop seeing him as little and obedient, because this will not serve him on the long run. Also, he needs to build self-esteem, so show him respect and communicate with him no matter if his issues seem minor to you. They might be dramatic for him, and this should be a signal for you, to be there for him, to understand him and support him.

Keep an eye on the diet of your child

Yes, feelings are not everything. There’s a less romantic side of life, and this includes food. We all love it, we all crave it, but some of us, aka the little ones, need to be educated on it. KFC all day long is not an option, but a strict, no sugar allowed diet may only take you to the other side of crazy. So find your balance when it comes to food too. Be strict, but make sure the boundaries you impose are not insane and leave the child plenty of room to experiment with food. This way he’ll know what’s good for him and he won’t dream continuously of prohibited goodies.

Carry him, in your arms and close to your soul

The baby wearing mania is crazy right now. You can buy all sorts of systems, all with exotic, delightful and mysterious names: manduca, wrap-tai, mei tai, wrap, sling and others… It’s ok to carry your child and recommended in some cases, but please don’t make an obsession out of this. First, no matter how ergonomic, safe and comfortable a carrier may be, please think about your back on the long run. Second, at some point, the child is ready to crawl. After that, he’s ready to walk. Don’t miss the signs, and no matter how much you enjoy baby wearing, please think of his own good and independence. After a certain time, carrying him close to your soul is more than enough.

Parenting is a complicated journey, so it’s really important to stay sane. You’ll need years and years of practice to get the hang of it, so breathe and keep your balance.


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