Teach Your Child the Beauty of Stillness


In a world that is going faster and faster, with no time to properly think and properly breathe, we seem to lose the connection to the people around us and even to ourselves. And once connection is lost, we live life merely surviving and completing task after task, without real happiness and fulfillment.

But no matter how many wonderful things we accomplish, we always have that sense of emptiness, a sense of longing for intimacy, a deeper understanding and unconditional love. These basic needs won’t go away no matter how many tasks we accomplish or how many items we buy. The wonderful news is that the medicine is within us and the therapy includes being still for just a few minutes every day.

Why stillness is a necessity.

The need for deeper connection to ourselves and to the people around us is in all of us. We can learn the proper ways to nourish our inner peace. Our inner balance is the only one that can provide the stillness that brings connection to ourselves and to others. We have the duty to help our children remember how to sit still and recharge their mind and body in order to function properly in this chaotic world.

Only stillness can recharge your energy on every level and it’s the best way to reset yourself so you can go back to the world and share with it new, creative ideas, pure love and joy. So taking time off to be still is a necessity and not a luxury, it’s something you do for yourself and for others.

Go back to your natural state.

Being still comes natural to us. Children have the ability to just be, without unnecessary worries or pressure. Society and the parents keep telling them they should do more, be more so naturally, they become confused. Their value becomes attached to the things they do, which makes them compare themselves to their peers and doubt their own worth.

Stillness is an art.

Being still and connected to your deepest self is not something you should treat lightly. It’s one of the most beautiful things you can experience yet it’s not a state people can reach easily at the beginning. Yet with practice, the mind and the body will remember how to go to that place of calm, where just being is enough and where you recharge your mind and body.

The gifts that stillness brings to your life are numerous: remembering who you truly are, what you really need and what brings you real joy and happiness according to your own values and not the values of society. So teach your child to treat stillness with respect and practice it constantly and it will make him blossom in each and every area of his life.

Perception creates our reality.

The way we experience life, which includes our environment, the people around us and each experience we have, goes through our own perception. Each individual experiences life differently because his mind was shaped by different experiences. But no matter what we have been through during this life time we can always reset ourselves through meditation and stillness.

So teaching your child how to be still and reset his entire being will make him able to experience the world around him in a totally different manner. He will be able to have more energy, be more creative, more attentive and focus better on the things that truly matter and add value to his life.


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