Summer Breaks in the UK


What to do with the kiddo in the summer break if you live in the UK and have no help from someone close to you for daily babysitting? We have some ideas, so please choose what’s best for you, and more important, for your child, because his happiness, and of course, safety, are your number one priority.

You can enroll him in a summer school. There are tons of options, so you are both free to choose together based on his likes and dislikes. Maybe the little guy is a mathematician in the making and he wouldn’t mind stuck his head with calculations all day, but maybe he’s more into arts and getting his hands dirty with painting or sculpting is closer to what he dreams to do on a daily basis during a whole summer.

A summer camp is another option to consider if he’s the independent type. Not all kids are made for such activities, but some just love leaving the city behind and traveling without their parents in a place where they can learn new and exciting things surrounded by other children their own age. Not to mention your kid will become more independent after such an experience, so you won’t have to insist too much in the school mornings with getting up and dressed. Winner choice, right?

Traveling to grandparents’ home? This was the most popular option back in the day but nowadays, staying with grandma and grandma for a few weeks seems obsolete for many. If your kid has a good relationship with them and if they have the time for him, why not? Even more if your parents or parents-in-law have other grandchildren too, who plan to visit them during the summer breaks. For the kid the trip and stay in their home will be a wonderful adventure through which he’ll bond with close relatives.

Summer parent? If you have other friends with kids that have to deal with the same problem as you, not knowing what to do with the children during the weeks of summer break, you should all consider becoming summer parents. Organize in such a manner that each of you takes a week of and… oh well, takes charge of all the kids during that week. It’s madness and you might need some appointments with your therapist afterward even if the bunch of children don’t set the house on fire, but just think how much fun will be for all of them. And it will only be a week out of many for you, while you’ll get to breather during the others while your friends take care of your kid.

As you can see, the situation is not as desperate as you might have thought as summer break gets near. Choose the best for you and your child, while also considering your availability and your budget. In the end, just make sure your kid is happy and content with the decision you’ll take together for his own sake.


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