Story Writing Competitions for Children


If you and your friends have a deal in getting to take of all the kids once in awhile so the other parents have a breather, there are many activities to entertain them with, but from a certain age it’s important to occupy their time with more than play. So one of the activities you can involve children in can easily be an educational one.

If you want to encourage their reading and writing skills for example, you could organize a fun story writing competition for them. You need, of course, a prize, a topic, and some rules. While the prize it’s all up to you, but it better be something symbolic, we have some ideas for topics and rules for such a contest.

1. The story ending theme. Decide for how you want the story to end and give them all the same time to write it. Also ask for a number of minimum and maximum sentences for each child. You should choose mysterious endings like “And the only thing left was a trace in the snow” or “Maybe if she would have known from the start…”

2. The cartoon theme. Oh, this is so exciting! It puts the kids’ imagination to work not only through expressing ideas and feelings in writing but also through drawings. You can let them create freely, but limit their time. Also, don’t forget to put LOTS of crayons at their disposal.

3. The personal fiction theme. Ask the children to write a completely made up story with them as central characters. Set a time limit, but don’t impose any boundaries related to style or other characters, because you might be surprised of their unbelievable ideas.

4. The prequel/sequel theme. They surely have a story they all know, so why don’t ask them to write either a sequel, or, why not, a prequel to the story? It would be fun and exciting for all of them to see how the others imagined it.

5. A family history theme. Ask them to imagine a short family story by beginning with the acquaintance of two characters and ending with their grandkids. Give them enough time to write their ideas because this may take some…

Don’t forget to establish a clear rule based on which the prize is given. Involve the children in this too. Maybe listening to all stories and voting is a good idea, so consider this, as the kids will be happy to feel they have the power to decide.

No matter if you are a parent deeply involved with raising your kids properly or a teacher who could use such ideas, we hope we can help you when it comes to writing competitions for children. These will stimulate their imagination, enrich their vocabulary and encourage their competitive spirit. And even if some find such activities too tiresome for school kids, don’t forget that gamification stands in present at the base of many successful businesses, so you could use this argument in “defending” you choice of organizing children’s pastime in such a manner. After all, you are only thinking forward to the future, right?


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