Seaside Fun with the Baby – Dos and Don’t


It’s time for most people’s annual holidays, and even if the fun season started some time ago, August is the most appealing month for those who love to frolic on hot beaches with clear blue waters. If you’re an August person too, and plan to spend some time in the sun with your baby this month, here are some dos and don’t you need to consider, especially if this will be your child’s first outing of this kind.

Our top dos:

  1. Visit your baby’s pediatrician before the holiday for a quick check-up and a prescription for medicine that’s good to have with you in case of something. The doctor may also want to advice regarding the baby’s sun protection necessities, so pay a lot of attention to what he says as he’s probably already very familiar with the child.
  2. Buy a baby sun protection factor lotion, not one meant for adults. SPF 50 is the most indicated for small children, and don’t forget that the mineral formulas are the best. Even if you won’t be thrilled that your kid looks freshly painted with the lotion on, he’ll be protected of burns, and that’s what really matters.
  3. Get the baby used to the water. Some baby swimming lessons would be great to get him to know this new environment, but a baby swimmer would also help even if it’s used in a bathroom or in a baby swimming pool you can easily inflate and keep on the terrace or in your backyard.
  4. Prepare delicious homemade food in small jars if the baby has reached the weaning phase. Store baby food is just fine for a couple of days, but in case you plan a longer vacation it would be great if you could prepare in time the baby’s favorite combos to take with you.
  5. Buy hats. Yes, plural. Buy at least two. You’ll need to put him one on when you’re in the water with him and it will probably get wet and stiff from the salt, so it will help you to have another dry one for another round of splashing in the water.

And our definite don’t:

  1. Don’t keep the baby in the sun between 10 AM and 4 PM. Even if he has SPF cream on, chances are high he’ll get sunburned or suffer a heat stroke. So avoid ruining your holiday by keeping the baby in the shade in the most critical hours of the day.
  2. Don’t experiment too much with his food if you have only exotic fruits and veggies at your disposal. Babies love what they already know, plus, you should avoid dealing with an allergic reaction in a time when all you dream is laying on the beach with a good book (not that this is very likely to happen).
  3. Don’t keep his wet water diaper on him. Yes, we know, water diapers are pretty expensive and you’re paying a fortune on a few splashes in the water on a few days, but it’s not the case to get stingy with this. Babies are very sensitive and yours may catch a cold or suffer a severe rash if you keep him with his wet diaper on, even if it’s hot outside.

As you can see, there’s nothing major, most rules are basic and common sense, however, with so many things on your mind you may want to skip some of them. Don’t. It’s better to waste a lot of time with things as preparing a luggage with 5 different types of cough syrup or running to find tiny baby hats that to have to cancel every plan in order to spend your holiday in your room with a sick baby. And spending the time in the room is not even the biggest issue, but the discomfort he’ll feel if something happens to him and you’ll see him suffer.


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