Are You Ready for Your Second Child?


Planning to extend your family takes time and patience. It’s a process that includes both partners and sometimes even other family members. But after taking all things into consideration, don’t forget to focus on yourself too. Trust your intuition, listen to your body and go ahead only if you truly feel you are ready to go through everything again with an open heart.

Your intuition plays an important role because there is no perfect time to become a mother, so if you feel it’s time, there will probably never come a better time.
What should I consider before having the second child?

Your health. Evaluate your health and do the necessary check-ups with your doctor. It’s important to make sure your body is ready to carry another child.

Your lifestyle. Consider if you have enough free time and energy to invest in another child. If not, try to realistically evaluate what changes you would be able to do in order to make room for a new baby in your life.

Career satisfaction. Try to analyze if you feel you are content with your career development. If you feel you are in a good place and can take some time off in order to become a mother again, it might be easier for you to relax and go through this experience. It’s important not to get to a point where you become frustrated and feel that your second child stopped you from achieving success in your career.

Do a review of the first experience. Try to fully grasp what the first pregnancy meant, how your first experience as a mother developed. Try to clarify if you want to go through all that again. Focus on what you learned during the first experience and you could use in the next.

The relationship with your husband. Discuss this decision with your husband and try to understand his view on the pros and cons of having another baby. You will need his full support so make sure he agrees with having a second child.

The relationship with other family members and even friends. If your family members and friends helped you with your first child, try to check if you can count on them for the second child too. You might also just want to get an advice from them before making this important decision.

Finances. Make sure you can afford to raise another child. It’s important that you don’t get frustrated later on about money. You should make a finance plan that includes another child before getting pregnant again, so you can be relaxed in the future regarding finances.

Your age. Your age should not play a huge role in making this decision but there are some aspects you should consider. If you are older your energy level might be lower and you might also experience difficulties in getting pregnant and need to go through fertility treatments.

Your child’s age. Evaluate what you consider the ideal age difference between your children.If your children are born close, they can become each other’s playmates which will help them bond and give you more free time. If your first child is already older, he benefits of getting more attention while he is still your only child. The older sibling could also teach the smaller one many more things.

So try to think about all aspects and even talk to your first child about this topic. Usually children have a strong opinion about wanting another sibling or not.


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