Proper Nutrition during Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life, reason why it needs to be enjoyed to the fullest. And while doing so, the future mother should also ensure a healthy start in life for the baby growing inside her. If you find yourself in this position right now, take into consideration some very important principles that will help you feel great during the nine months you create life, principles that will also benefit your child.

As nutrition is very important for a pregnant woman, here are the most important rules to follow in this period.

Make sure you have a balanced diet

Cravings are a huge part of pregnancy, and no one will refuse you anything you wish to have on your plate, but please make sure that above and beyond anything you have a balanced diet, which means you get to receive from your food all the nutrients you need. So even if you have a fixation on French fries, ice cream or pickles, don’t count just on those.

Never skip breakfast

Or lunch, or dinner. This is the time to eat regular meals and to avoid hunger. If you end up feeling hungry, your baby feels it too, as the nutrients you ingest need about two hours to reach the baby’s system. So take care of yourself in order to ensure a proper care for the little one on the way.

Fruits and veggies time

You may not be exactly into fruits and vegetables but try the three color rule to make your life easier and healthier. Squeeze each day three different colors from fruits or veggies on your plate, no matter if it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. Eat them fresh and you’ll get plenty of vitamins that will help you feel good and will help your body develop in a beautiful manner in each stage of the pregnancy.

Keep snacks around

It would be ideal to snack on something healthy and tasty, but if you find biscuits helpful for the sudden hunger, keep those around too. Find a brand fit for you, with less sugar and additives, or just make them yourself at home, and keep them at hand. Snacks may also help you get over the annoying morning sickness faster.

Drink it up!

If you used to hear this during your clubbing days… ahem, nights, it’s time to follow the rule but switch shots and cocktails with water and fresh homemade juices. Keep hydrated and avoid unhealthy, sugary and carbonated drinks. If water and juices are not your thing, try unsweetened tea, this will have a great effect for your whole body, and definitely for your skin, which is thirsty for hydration during the nine months of pregnancy.

Of course, food is not everything and even if you follow a healthy diet, you might still face minor issues if vitamins and minerals are not assimilated by your body. However, your OB/GYN will keep track of your health and will help you find the perfect balance with meals and synthetic vitamins if necessary, for you to have a wonderful experience until the day of the delivery.


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