Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms


Do you have a hunch that finally your desire to have a bun in the oven has come to life? If yes, you’ve reached the correct spot, we have a list of clues that might give you an answer in the close vicinity of yes or no until you have a clear answer from either a home pregnancy test (which may be too soon to take at this point) or a doctor which may confirm that you are expecting (or infirm it, but let’s hope this is not the case for you).

  1. Nausea – there’s nothing like it to tell you are pregnant. A sickening nausea that appears the first thing in the morning and only leaves you after lunch… or worse, continues through the whole day.
  2. Dizziness – another “classic” pregnancy sign, which is very common and which most women check. If you feel you cannot even walk straight and have the sensation that you’ll fall into pieces if you don’t sit down RIGHT NOW, your hunch may be correct, and you probably have a little one on the way.
  3. Stuffy nose – many women have the impression that flu is ready to hit them and, thankfully, tend to expect for other symptoms to show up before taking anything to combat it. Actually, a stuffy nose is very common in the early stages of pregnancy, especially in the first trimester.
  4. Frequent urination – no idea how to put this nicely, so… if you feel like a dog and you’d run to the toilet 50 times a day, think about buying a home pregnancy test sooner rather than later. Although most women know about frequent urination in the third trimester, it is hardly a pregnancy sign then (hello, Captain Obvious!), but it definitely is now as your uterus starts to expand and to press on your bladder.
  5. Smell sensitivity – another clue that may drive you crazy. If you feel that someone in the office is opening the fridge and you are not even in the kitchen… buy that test!
  6. Sensitive breasts – if you feel like screaming even when you put your bra on, if you feel like avoiding contact with all people who may bump into you and if you have a rather angry look for your partner when he has big plans with you… you may prepare for the pitter patter of little feet in some time.
  7. Linea nigra – when and where? Even if this sign usually appears on your skin from the navel down usually after 6 weeks of pregnancy, when it should already be clear if you are or not pregnant, some women notice it from the third week of pregnancy, when it appears and it’s still faded and unclear.
  8. Mood swings – the hormones might do the talk for you and you might jump to heaven from hell or the other way around from one minute to the next if you are indeed pregnant. Your hormones are going crazy and so are you and in case your pregnancy is confirmed, worry not, it will pass in 9 months of pregnancy and at least 6 weeks into motherhood when you’ll experience the baby blues or the baby bliss. Or both…
  9. Dramatic dreams – nightmares mostly. So don’t be afraid if you dream the world is conquered by zombies or if a monster is eating you alive, it’s only natural in the early stages of the pregnancy. You’ll dream such dramatic scenarios you could easily find a job in Hollywood based on the life you live in your sleep.
  10. Period MIA – if none of the above are enough to convince you to pee on a stick or make an appointment with your doctor, a missing period will definitely “do the trick”, as this is the most clear sign a baby is on the way.

Please also keep in mind that each pregnancy is different and there aren’t two women with identical symptoms, so don’t count on what you hear from your friends and for safety only rely on the information your doctor gives you. It’s good to know about your baby on the way as soon as possible in order to take all the necessary measures to protect him and keep yourself healthy in the extraordinary nine months in which you’ll both be one.


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