Practical Baby Room Closet Ideas


In a time when the baby is changing clothes or toys quite often, organizing the nursery is very important for any family. That is why we thought about sharing with you few ideas for baby room closets. Some of the images presented below have actually started as small redecoration projects, but all of them are really practical.

Inspired from The Home Depot Style Challenge blog.

Who said plastic bags can’t be stacked in a easy-to-manage and search-through way? Leemuse blog (the author KLee) brings you this simple, yet very practical way of keeping this cleaning in the baby’s room.

Images courtesy of This is Our Bliss

Since we ripped out the old wire shelving in the closet & also removed the closet doors, we had some patching and sanding to do. After we finished, the walls needed to be painted, so instead of keeping the walls white, we decided to paint the entire closet lime green!

Interested in a clean, but joyful nursery design for closet? will show you how closet organizers can make your life easier, while staying on a budget. Read more here.

Keeping this in the “on budget” area, how about a $7 total closet makeover? Susan will tell you more about it.


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