Post-Pregnancy Workouts Dos and Don’ts


Every woman hopes to be fit and slender immediately after birth; however, it’s not that easy to gain your pre-baby body in an instant. Reason why it’s necessary to give yourself time and be patient. Of course, the passing of time does not guarantee a beautiful recovery, yet being serene will help you take good decisions regarding the way you manage your workout.

As always in sports, there are dos and don’ts, especially as your body is in a long term recovery, even if you feel perfect. We’ve listed the most important as you need to be aware of them before planning from scratch a fitness program.


Consult with your OB/GYN. Your doctor is the one to give you the green light in respect to when it’s the right time for you to start exercising. This depends on the type of birth you’ve had (natural or c-section) and also on the rhythm in which your body is recovering. This means you may need four, six, eight weeks or even more. It all depends on you, but don’t force it. Being in great shape requires patience for the right moment.

Start slowly. Even if you know your limits and you think you can push them, it’s better to start slow. This means, don’t go straight to cardio if you can start swimming. Let your body accommodate with the workout. Don’t take it too seriously, but rather think at sport as relaxation, as a way to unwind and forget about the stressful moments when your baby is fussy, for example.

Give yourself time.  You needed nine full months to make that beautiful baby of yours, give yourself nine extra months to return back to your pre-baby body. It’s normal to wait a bit to get rid of the extra weight you’ve been accumulating during a pregnancy, so don’t panic if three months post birth you still have a pouch. It’s only a small sign of the life you’ve created.


Don’t believe every celebrity postpartum weight loss story. Those stories are most times either fabricated or based on a little nip/tuck work. Stars base their money making on their looks, so in many cases they’re desperate to look good after birth no matter the price they get to pay. As a regular person, we’re sure your main concern is yours and your baby’s health, so ignore all glossy magazines’ stories on this topic.

Don’t starve yourself. Not eating in order to lose weight is a bad idea no matter if you’ve just had a baby or not. Yes, you can shed some pounds quickly, but what about the lose skin and the stretch marks? Not to mention that if you breastfeed, having a healthy diet is crucial, as you need to produce good and nourishing food for your newborn. Yes, you could try base your diet only on organic foods, but avoid staying hungry.

Don’t wear fitness clothes that don’t fit you anymore. Or shoes! It’s only normal that you need larger sportswear immediately after birth, and don’t be shocked if you’ll need new training shoes too, as many women experience shoe size growth during the nine months of pregnancy. Make sure you feel comfortable with what you wear, as this will help you relax and enjoy the experience.

The training program itself should be established by you together with your trainer. Let him know from the start that for you this is a post-pregnancy workout and set your objectives and timelines together with him, and in time you’ll see wonderful results without too much suffering.


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