Photography Competitions for Kids

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Kids need competition as they need air from a certain age, so use the wonders of gamification and also a bit of imagination to stir competition amongst your own and their group of friends, or amongst the children you teach in school, if you work in the educational system. For school kids, one of the greatest things now is to be permanently in touch with technology, which can be tiresome for both them and their parents, but also useful. Gadgets are often stigmatized for taking children’s time and keeping them with their eyes stuck to screens instead of enjoying time out in the open. What if they can do both at the same time? A photography competition would help solving this mystery. This way they can be outdoor and use their smartphones both at the same time.

So we have some ideas regarding a few possible competitions of smartphone photography for children.

1. Taking portraits of the other contestants. This will be fun and will make the kids create tons of memories. Not to mention they’ll get to know each other better and get to know what common ground they share. Plus, they’ll have great pics of them and their buddies to frame and brag about to others.

2. Photographing people on the street. Street photography is edgy for adults and a great deal of fun for the little ones who’ll be thoroughly entertained while developing their artsy side. Not to mention you can create an Instagram account for them and post all their work there.

3. Taking stills of the animals in the zoo. So not only they’ll focus on the technical side of the challenge, but they will also take time to run in a park, admire animals and absorb some new information related to them, which maybe they’ll find useful in school.

4. Photographing flowers in a botanical park. Again, this is a challenge which will enrich their know-how and keep them in the open air for hours and hours. Not to mention they’ll be fascinated by the beauty of the flowers around them and they’ll learn to appreciate more their parents’ pots of flowers at home.

5. Taking pictures of roads. However, it’s nice to try this with bigger children, which understand clearly the symbolism of the road, the journey, as compared to someone’s life and the lack of clear starting and ending points which roadways present. Teenagers may be fascinated by such an idea, while smaller children won’t really see the meaning of it.

Don’t underestimate the creativity of children and encourage them even when it comes to such competitions. They love to play and appreciate art, so treat them as adults. Conclude such competitions with prizes, choose winners through public decision and treat all contestants fairly to make them feel appreciated. It’s important for them to see their opinions are respected, no matter their age, so don’t take such contests lightly, but as important events. The experience will use them as preparation for future happenings in their childhood, but also through adulthood.

They say the creative adult is the child that survived, so put a brick in the wall of their survival.


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