Party Favors for Kids


As we all know, nowadays children not only come to a party bearing gifts, they also leave it with favors from the birthday boy or girl. So if you plan such a party for your own child in the near future, here are some ideas for the favors your little one should share with the attendees.


Ok, parents will not be so happy with your idea, but if you can find something to fit in with the birthday theme, prepare a tiny bag of sweets for every child from the party.

Push toys

Again, try to respect the birthday party theme and either pick up the same model of toy for all attendees or make sure you have a different one for each and every child to make sure no controversy is sparked.

Surprise eggs

Oh, the mystery! The little ones will love it and will adore your child, as they’ll assume the idea was his – is his party after all, right?


Pick notebooks, post-its, crayons or pens all with the same theme as the party and you’ll make a bunch of kids really happy to have something to scribble on/with.

Toy instruments

If they’re into music, give them the instruments to play it with! These favors will also keep them occupied when they’ll have another play date together and will spark their creativity.

Little books

It’s hard to convince children to read with so many distractions nowadays, but pick up some fun little books that don’t require a lot of time and effort and they will surely give them a try.

Creative sets

A little canvas, two-three paint brushes and a small set of colors will surely bring the smile on their faces when they’ll see what favors awaited them at the end of a great party.


Bubble wands, cameras, necklaces – whatever floats your child’s boat. Don’t worry, any pick will make it because children are really into bubble and will be very excited to take the fun outside.

As you can see, ideas are many (and many more!), all you need to do is set up a budget, a time for shopping and a clear discussion with your own child regarding his own expectations on the party favors he’ll offer to his friends.


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