Parents’ Money-Saving Tips


Children have a lot of needs, reason why many adults avoid parenthood as much as they can. However, as long as you’re not… loaded, you need to learn some tips and tricks on saving while your little ones are growing up. We have some ideas that you might find useful.

Accept hand me downs

Children grow up really fast, so no need in investing a lot in clothing. Especially for newborns, who need new things from one week to the other, and whose clothes can be worn by several children without any sign of intense usage. The same works for many toys, as children get bored fast anyway. It would be great if you could switch around clothing, toys and other children stuff within your circle of friends as everyone would take advantage of them without much fuss or spending.

Invest in what’s really important

Safety comes first, so, for example, don’t get stingy when it comes to buying a car seat. This is something we advise all parents to buy brand new, as it is hard to actually know for real if the one you’re trying to buy second hand was involved in a crash or not, as traces may not be visible, but still affect its quality. Buy one new, with no issues, even if you invest more and especially if you plan to have several children, as they’ll “inherit” it from one to another as they grow up.

Go out prepared

Fast food and a million other poor food or beverage choices are all around the corner, so no matter if you plan a park outing for a day trip, get prepared with water, homemade juice and snacks and fresh fruits. These will not only keep the kid focused on what’s really good and healthy, but will also spare your budget of insane spending.

Plan your trips in advance… and for less

Anyone in his right minds knows that traveling with a child is expensive. But anyone in their right minds also prepares ahead, so plan your vacations early in order to save on plane fares, accommodation and entrances to various attractions. You’ll have plenty of occasions to spend money in your trip, so save when and where you can.

Menu a la carte

Food is another grand item on which parents spend like crazy. The number one rule would be to avoid shopping with the kid. He’ll want… basically everything and you’ll end up spending a fortune on stuff you’ll never actually use. Better sit down and discuss the menu with the whole family and assign one of you to do the shopping nice and smooth on his own, based on a list. This will be a breather for your budget and will help you keep organized.

Of course, spending can occur out of the blue with kids, but at least in the areas where you can keep things under control… keep them! It will help you a lot on the long run.


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