Parenting Tips for New Parents

or How to Avoid Going Crazy once You Have Your First Child


No matter how prepared you feel, being a first time parent is not something that goes by the book, no matter if you’re the mom or the dad. You find yourself at the end of a nine-month journey with a screaming baby in your arms, waiting for you to fix… basically, everything. The thing is all that’s new to him is new to you too, so you need to learn how to make this new relationship work together. However, he’s too new to the world, so the hard part falls on you. We have a few tips, however, to make the transition from couple to couple of parents easier.

The magic hour

The magic hour is the first hour in the newborn’s life. Talk to your doctor and make sure you, as a parent, will have this magical bonding time with the newcomer in your life. He’ll recognize voices and smells and you’ll make the transition to his new life smoother for him, as he’ll find some familiar things to hang on to from his first moments in this world.

Learning the basics

As a new parent, the three to five days spent in the maternity ward should use as a learning experience on how to handle the new baby. This way, being home alone with him won’t immediately send you into panic mode.

Listen to your baby

Babies cry because of basic things: hunger, wet diapers, pain, being too cold or to hot, or simply being sleepy. They’re too little to handle on their own these needs, so you’ll need to quickly learn the differences between types of crying in order to be able to stop the drama ASAP. This only happens by spending time with your baby and tending to his needs and will take you more or less time, depending on your “skills” too.

Delegate, but set rules

The family wants to help? Very good – you need a village to raise a child. However, grandmothers are best known to be transforming into fountains of wisdom once grandchildren are born. Let them help, but set some clear limits, after all, you are the parent.

Housework, not babysitting

If you’re into delegating tasks, make sure you make the correct choice. Your house might be a total mess, but your main focus in the first weeks needs to be the baby, not doing the dishes. So, if someone wants to help, as help to fix the chaos, otherwise you’ll find yourself overworked and unable to tend to your baby after making the house spotless. You’re the first in line to build a relationship with the baby, not others.

Find time to sleep

In the ideal situations, a baby gets two parents. So, if you are not alone in this, make sure you split tasks and find some time to sleep and gather strength. A new baby might ruin the couple’s balance in the first period, but some teamwork will fix everything and will make things better and happier in the long run for everyone.


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