What Painting Can Teach Your Child


The need to paint comes from the most beautiful and delicate areas of your child’s mind and soul. If he enjoys art and creating beautiful things, your child is gentle, sensitive and is also able to see beauty that is not there for everybody to grasp. Nourish that need in your child since it’s a beautiful thing to have and to explore. Here are some of the most important things painting can tech your child:

How  to see the beauty around him.

If he starts to paint he will need to process the beautiful things around him in order to be able to put them on the canvas as he sees fit. It might seem sometimes that the paintings are not similar to the things he wants to paint but that’s not important at all. The important part is to be able to express himself as he feels he needs to. Creativity must be listened to and fed because it can become a need that provides a lot of frustration if it’s left unsatisfied.

How to be more confident through what he creates.

Painting is a great way to build self-confidence through the ability of creating beautiful things that others are able to appreciate. Encourage him to develop this habit and let him grow through practicing it.

That anything can be beautiful if it’s made with love and dedication.

The beauty of his art is not related to specific rules. Art is everything that is able to create emotion in certain human beings, sometimes even only the emotions of the person who managed to create it. If it brings him happiness it’s more than enough. He should be able to create art only for the pure pleasure he is feeling in the process and not for receiving a certain feedback.

How to express his emotions and feelings.

Sometimes we are not able to express our thoughts and emotions properly. Art is a wonderful and safe way to do this. We don’t need to explain our art to anyone, but we can express anything that we need through art.

How to enjoy it and  relax.

Art should be fun. Teach your child to enjoy it and not take it too seriously. While painting he should only focus on the pure joy of doing it and not on the final result. It’s the only way to fully benefit from the process of creating art.

How to explore his creativity.

Creativity is a skill he will use in many areas of his life so encourage him to explore and stimulate it through painting and any other form of art that he is curious about.

How to share a beautiful activity with someone.

Painting is a fun activity he can share with his friends. They can exchange ideas and techniques and learn to have a fun time while creating beautiful things. He might even develop a profession out of this hobby eventually.

To be able to place a part of himself in a gift that he creates for someone else.

Painting something for someone is a wonderful way of feeling what it means to do something with love for someone. It’s a more profound and complex experience, than it is to just go and buy something for someone.

How to explore his mind while playing with colors and shapes.

Painting can provide a complex thought process and make him explore that way he perceives the world around him on a deeper level. To play with colors, shapes and emotions can become a wonderful journey, filled with surprises.


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