How to Organize Your Day with a Six Months Old


If you thought that you will have more and more free time once the colic period passes, or once you get used to your baby… surprise! You probably discovered you actually don’t. As time goes by, the baby gets more and more active and you will need more and more time to entertain him, which is only natural. And you probably think your schedule is also more and more hectic. It probably is, but we have some tips and tricks to help you organize your day.

Schedule the sleeps. Take control of nap time!

Once the baby hits the four month old mark, you are free to start sleep training him. Try to be as consistent as you can with the evening routine and to move the bedtime according to his preferences. It may take awhile to make him sleep through the night, but chances are high you’ll solve this so-called problem until he is six months old. Once you finish dealing with the night sleeps, take control of naps! Schedule them according to what you plan for the day, but try to include a lunchtime nap – this will serve you in the future and will help you keep him rested and also inside during the heat waves.

Plan a few days ahead all your adult stuff

Maybe you want to hit the town with a friend, maybe you want to go to a book launch or to a theater play – plan ahead. In some cases the baby can tag along, in some cases he cannot and you will need a sitter for the time you are away. It’s important to know about such meetings and outings as early as possible, not only to secure your chances to find someone to leave the baby with, but in case he’s coming with you – to plan his schedule through the day too.

Think about his food early in the morning

Weaning is an important step in your baby’s life at this age, so planning also concerns food, which now is part of the picture. Make it fresh and try as often as possible to buy the produce in the same day you will cook it. A good idea would be to wake up early, gently wake the baby too, feed him, feed yourself, have a strong black coffee and go out for a first walk and a short grocery shopping spree. This way, he may have a nap when you are back, wake up, play a little, eat some solids and nap again at lunchtime hour.

Don’t forget that bedtime routine is holy

In order to keep his sleeping schedule in control, and to hopefully help the baby sleep through the night, you need to be quite strict with the bedtime routine. So even if you are out and your partner or another sitter stays with the baby, this needs to be respected. Feed the baby, bathe him, massage him – in whatever order you please, as long as this keeps him happy. He is at an age where predictability is an important part of his life and helps him relax. Stick to his day-to-day habits and he will sleep like an angel through the night sooner than you might expect.

Yes, there are not lots of things you can do with a six month old baby, and as sleep, naps and play are regular, you need to build yours and also his life, around these. Yet it’s important to acknowledge that you can have your personal life even if you are a parent and without neglecting your child.


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