What Not to Eat During Pregnancy


Although pregnancy is a great time of cravings and for the so-called eating for two, there are also many, many foods that may harm your unborn baby. Although they would usually pass as regular food, don’t forget that you are more sensitive during this time and also that everything you ingest goes to the fetus. So even if something would not normally hurt you, it may cause problems to the bun in the oven. Here’s a list of some (we’re afraid to say all…) of the foods you need to distance yourself from during this special time of your life.

Raw meat and eggs

Even if raw meat is delicious in some recipes, like tartar or Carpaccio, it is dangerous during pregnancy as it may contain bacteria that you can pass to the baby, which does not have a strong healthy system, as yours. Same goes for raw eggs which can be found even in heavenly desserts like tiramisu. We don’t want to scare you, but the outcomes of contracting some bacteria during pregnancy may end tragically, so it’s better to stay away of some dishes. Don’t worry, there are plenty of other meals you can enjoy, and this is the best period of your existence to do it.

Some types of fish and sea fruits

Fish like shark, swordfish or king mackerel have a high level of mercury, which is not at all indicated to ingest during pregnancy. All the delicious sea food you constantly dream of? Continue to dream about it, as this is also something prohibited until you give birth.

Unpasteurized milk or dairy products, including soft cheese and blue cheese

Like raw meat and eggs, unpasteurized dairy may contain bacteria which are not compatible with pregnancy. Also, take into account that some types of soft cheeses are mostly done with unpasteurized milk. Read all the labels before giving in to your cravings, as health is more important than brie.

Cold-cured meats

These are also types of raw meat, although they are somewhat processed. However, they could still contain toxoplasmosis, which may lead to abortion in the early stages of the pregnancy or development problems to the fetus later on. Forget the pepperoni and chorizo right now. It’s all about postponing meals that contain them for some time.

Homemade ice cream

Yes, it’s good, heavenly-delicious and creamy. And you know why? Because in most cases it includes raw egg yolks and unpasteurized sour cream. Stick to the regular brands of ice cream during pregnancy, as this really is a craving hard to oppose for such a long time.

As you can see, the basic rule is to avoid all things raw and uncooked, while also staying away from foods with high levels of harmful substances. Don’t forget to skip on the alcohol for now too and you’re guaranteed nine months full of health, energy and harmony, 100% stress-free. Following these pieces of advice will help you enjoy the experience of pregnancy and give birth to a perfect and beautiful baby at the end of this amazing journey.


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