My 9 parenting tips for kindergarteners


Kindergarten may be a long lost memory for you, but if it’s part of your child present or near future, get ready for days full of action and sometimes even drama. I have 9 tips that will make your life easier from now on as a parent of a kindergartener.

1. Potty train the kid. If you’ve postponed this until now, this is the perfect time to start working on it. It will be difficult, I need to tell you, but it will be a gain once you’ve done it. Also, the teachers in the kindergarten will love the fact that your child is potty-trained and does not require extra attention on this matter…

2. Teach him to share. Once he needs to play together with other children, he’ll need to know that the bunch of toys existing in the kindergarten is not for his use only. It will be better if he’ll already be accustomed to share his stuff without getting anxious or irritated.

3. Work around the food drama… Ok, this may be a little difficult, but if he’s conspicuous about some food or another, he may have some difficulties in case all children get the same food there. If not, plan his meals together and buy him a cute lunch box.

4. Teach him to tie his laces. He’ll be running around all day and it’s better to avoid safety hazards as falls on his own rather than avoid them by waiting for the help of an adult. Kindergarten age is optimal for such a skill to be developed.

5. Dressing and undressing time! He needs to be able to do this on his own without wasting too much time. Of course, learning this will need some time, but take the process step by step. Start with his cardigan for example and give him time to learn how to put it and take it off until he’s a pro. After that, continue with other clothing articles.

6. Discipline – the new it word. If he’s been free to run around and do whatever he likes until now, maybe it’s time to stop this. The kindergarten experience comes with a system of rules, so it’s better to have him prepared for what’s expected from him.

7. Boost his self-esteem. Believe it or not, bullying starts early. Make sure your child isn’t a victim of it by boosting its self confidence and esteem. Praise him for whatever he does well and teach him to trust himself.

8. Set an example! Whatever you want him to do as an adult; you do it together with him. You want him to make his bed or clean his shoes? Good time to start acting.

9. Don’t fix his problems. Once he’s in kindergarten you won’t be there for him to save him every time he gets in trouble, so teach him to focus on results and find the best solutions.

The 10th tip is to love and listen to your child. Mold your parenting style on his personality and you’ll make a great job.


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