Must Haves When Traveling with a Newborn

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Being on the go with a newborn is easier than you think. He still can’t run, so half of your parenting problems are fixed. Just kidding, you still have a lot on your plate!

However, small kids, small problems, and these can be solved easily with a checklist, organization and a lot of attention. In order to ease your job we have compiled a list of must-haves you need to pack when deciding to hit the road with your bundle of joy.

  1. Diapers. LOT OF DIAPERS. A newborn uses around seven diapers a day, but just to make sure make the count with eight a day and add a couple of more for each week on the go. Of course, if you’re going to travel somewhere your favorite diapers (better said… your child’s) are easily found, you don’t need such a cargo, but maybe you’re going to your homeland for a whole month and the brand you need does not exist on the market. Then what?
  2. Wet wipes – don’t carry more than you need, but make sure you have enough. However, these items don’t have permanent contact with your baby’s skin, so even if you replace the usual brand with another one you can find at your destination, don’t worry, chances of a rash are pretty low if your kid is not especially sensitive.
  3. Diaper rash cream. If your baby is very sensitive, don’t forget the one his skin gets perfectly along with. You don’t want to deal with a fussy baby while on holiday, right?
  4. Clothes. LOTS. No matter the season you are traveling in, make sure you have enough. Think about three changes per day (complete during summer) or of the upper layer during winter because babies often burp or droll. And you cannot leave them wet because this will cause them discomfort.
  5. The baby’s favorite toy. Even newborns react to certain toys, so if yours has one he prefers (maybe he smiles when he sees it) make sure you don’t forget about it when packing.
  6. Some blankets are also very important. Maybe your baby will feel more comfortable to sleep swaddled in his own or maybe you’ll need to wrap him comfortably in certain situations, so it’s good to have them in your luggage.
  7. The baby wearing system. No matter if it’s a wrap, a mei-tai or another sort of baby carrier, if this makes your baby comfortable, take it with you. It will help him find serenity in your arms without seizing you totally when he needs you close.
  8. In case you don’t breastfeed – bottles, formula and water. Also, in case old school sterilization doesn’t work for you, your sterilizer. Again, base the amount you take with you (of formula and water) on the number of days you plan to stay away from home and the possibility of buying the same products in the place you are traveling to.

Don’t be stressed. Traveling should be a beautiful experience both for you and the baby. And in case you forget something remember that you can replace it without causing much of a fuss, as many of the things you’re clinging on too are for your (mental) comfort.


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