Mood Swings During Pregnancy


During pregnancy women experience complex changes, both physically and psychologically. The body and the mind are strongly connected and they will go through each change together. The good part is that if you manage to influence one of them and reach a level of balance, both areas will benefit from that change.

It’s best to learn how your body will change during this time so you can avoid feeling overwhelmed later. The chemical imbalance is huge and this will cause your neurotransmitters to be affected. Your whole body is changing and everything is influenced starting with your vision, hormonal fluctuation, water retention, weight gain and even difficulty in breathing. Sleeping issues, nausea and vomiting will also drain your body of energy. Keep in mind that nutrition is very important, so try to be informed in this area and provide your body with the vitamin and minerals it needs. Make a list with the food you could eat to improve your mood and use “happy food” when needed.

All the physical changes you experience can make you feel unattractive, tired, fat and ugly. Understand that all of this is temporary and that those hormones of yours make you subjective and perceive things worse than they actually are.

Anxiety becomes usually part of your life during pregnancy. But controlling your anxiety level will help you avoid becoming depressed and overwhelmed later. You can feel powerless because you feel everything is changing and need to balance all those changes at once. It’s not easy to manage the impact of this new responsibility you have towards your child. You not only worry about taking care of yourself during those weeks and about making sure your body is an appropriate environment for the development of your child but also start to worry more and more about motherhood. Don’t fear those moments of anxiety and even mild depression since they are both common during this time.

Humans developed a natural instinct of becoming anxious before we are confronted with a new situation so fear is normal during pregnancy. This helps us be better prepared, develop a feeling of control and also manage the situation easier when it arrives. But too much anxiety can’t help since you can never be prepared for every little thing. So try to focus on the things you can actually do in order to prepare for the arrival of your child and trust that the rest will fall into place. Be confident that you will have the people that love you around and you can always ask them for help. The greatest part of becoming a mother is that the arrival of your child will activate the motherly instinct that will guide your every action and every step of this journey.

Your wellbeing is constantly influenced by all the physical and psychological changes you are experiencing, so just try to understand the source of each issue and you will find the appropriate solution to overcome it. And sometimes, surprisingly enough, the body and the mind will manage to rebalance themselves. Though hormonal fluctuation creates this emotional chaos, some days will feel like magic also. Rest assured that you will have beautiful days in which you feel beautiful and confident. Motherhood always manages to bring a new and beautiful sense of fulfillment that can only come as a result of giving life to another human being.


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