How do Men React to Pregnancy?


Have you ever wondered what actually happened to the dinosaurs? Or where are we heading to? The question of this article’s title has a single answer as well as for the ones given for the above two questions: nobody really knows. You will never know beforehand how your partner will react to this news until he will be facing it.

The perception they have about a baby coming into his life depends on several factors: how strong was the relationships in his family, what kind of experiences marked his childhood, for how long are you involved in the relationship or marriage? There is never a simple answer, but depending on his reaction you should know what to do or say to make the situation better (if he isn’t already jumping around with tears of joy in his eyes).

  1. Are we ready for this? It may not occur to you, but men can worry and stress a lot even if he’s not saying it very often. He may feel anxious about upcoming expenses, the pain that you’ll feel during pregnancy or delivery, what life will be like with three rather than two, and the effects of pregnancy on your sex life.
  2. Are you sure? Another reaction this type of news can occur to them is overthinking about what type of father they will be. He will learn to accept with each passing day the situation and sooner or later he will get used to the fact that he will be a father.
  3. The best dad is here to save the day. When hearing the news he will be as happy as a kid at Disneyland. He can hardly wait to hold the baby in his arms and he knows he will love your baby no matter what!
  4. It’s a piece of cake. We don’t know for sure if he is reacting this way because you already have 3 children or because he is so confident in your relationship, in you or in himself. The truth is you have a great partner. Let’s hope he won’t change his mind with baby’s first cry.
  5. Are you sure I’m the father? Try not to panic, hi is not insinuating anything but it is probably that he wasn’t expecting this news…at least not for a couple of months or years from now on. You won’t find this reaction funny at all, but at least try not to start a fight over this type of reaction. He will need some time to process the information but once he will see your belly growing, he will know something special is about to happen.

Whatever his reaction will be when hearing this big news, give him a little time to think before taking his reaction personally. It is a huge step for him as well especially if this is his first child. Have a little patience and…have we already mentioned patience?


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