What Makes Children Happy


While we are still in the dark many times about the things that we find meaningful and bring us real happiness, it’s pretty brave to say we understand what makes our children truly happy. Reflecting on your deeper and more authentic needs is a way of understanding the things all humans need in order to get that sense of fulfillment. This reflective process might sound easier than it actually is. We are here to walk you through the most important things that bring real joy and fulfillment to each and every individual. Hopefully this will bring you a deeper understanding of your child and of yourself.

While interacting with the people around us, there are those special moments where we feel a real connection with them. This connection is felt mostly when we get to talk about the things that are truly important to us. We exchange ideas, a touch, energy and a little bit of who we truly are. Studies show that relationships and connection are the most important factor to increase our happiness level. So help your child build authentic relationships, where true connection can be experienced.

  • Giving love.

While being loved is important, loving is a necessity. Being able to feel love towards someone and show that love is an experience that fills us with joy and happiness. It makes us overflow with positivity and manifest that love towards the people around us.

  • Manifesting their creativity.

Creativity comes natural to children, sometimes adults too, if they nourish it properly over the years. Help your child find hobbies where he can explore his creativity and also teach him how to be creative in all areas of his live. We should be creative while we cook, while we talk, while we clean. Our lives can be our best work of art.

  • Having a secure attachment.

Children need a secure attachment in order to feel safe to explore the world around them. Knowing you will be there for him no matter what is a necessity and it will make him happy and confident. Unconditional love is an important experience for everyone so try to give it to your child as often as you can. It’s also useful to get your child a dog, to let him experience that type of unconditional love, that can be found only in relation to animals.

  • Being able to live authentically.

An important human need is to be able to think, speak and do things according to our true values. Being able to do this without restriction brings freedom and joy to every child.

  • Having new experiences.

Having a new experience gives children a chance to understand the world around them a little bit more. This brings excitement and makes children more confident in exploring the world around them further.

  • Being spontaneous.

Spontaneity brings freedom and joy. Take sometimes a day of where you go out with your child and live spontaneously. Explore the world around you and live in the present. Don’t plan and don’t worry. Just be there with him.

There is one type of joy that only sharing can bring. That joy comes from seeing someone happy because you gave them a gift or a helping hand. Your child should learn this joy as soon as possible in order to feel the beauty of being generous.

  • Celebrating laughter and playfulness.

Being able to be silly, play, laugh and live freely in the moment makes your heart smile with joy. Let your child enjoy the joy of being playful and silly, with no worries or deadlines.


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