How To Make Your Child Eat Less Sweets


Children have a tendency to indulge and eat sweets too often. The energy that children get from sweets can also be obtained in a healthy way, if they eat healthy food, full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Since your children’s health is a priority, you would surely like to find ways to replace all the bad food around them with healthy food. But even if you change your shopping list, your children are aware there are some sweets out there and they will like to have some. So the key is not only changing the content of your fridge, but also being able to manage all situations in which your children will come in direct contact with things that have high levels of sugar. You need to be prepared for the situations where most parents are unable to stop their children from eating sweets. So here are some tips and tricks in making your child eat less sugar and sweets:

  • Be a good role model. Don’t eat too many things that contain sugar, mostly in front of your children. You need to be a positive example for them, before asking them to eat healthier food.
  • Change your shopping list. When you go grocery shopping prepare a shopping list that includes all the healthy food you want to buy. The second important step is to stick to your shopping list and avoid all the tempting products from that supermarket that have sugar in them.
  • Limit exposure to products with sugar. When children are very young they are still unaware of the products in the supermarket that are full of sugar. Try to avoid showing them most of those products for as long as you can. They will find out eventually, but until then they can learn to enjoy the healthy food you provide them.
  • Buy a lot of fruits. Eating fruits is a healthy and still sweet option. So buying some tasty fruits that are always available for your children is a good way to change their diet.
  • Buy colorful veggies. Vegetables can also be a very tasty treat for your kids. Eating a carrot or even a cucumber can be interesting for your child. Try to be creative and mix veggies that are both colorful and tasty, so your kid doesn’t get bored.
  • Watch out for drinks too! Juice can also become a source of sugar for your child, so try to avoid it as much as you can. If children have a high intake of sugar daily, even from what they drink, they will also tend to eat more products that have sugar in them.
  • Don’t use sweets as a reward. If you stop giving sweets to your child as a reward it will make him stop associating sweets with something positive. The best option is to be neutral about this topic and avoiding this topic as often as possible. Help your child focus on other type of rewards like a book, a visit to the park or even healthier food.

Give them some independence. You need to let your children have some control from time to time. This will help them understand in the future that they are able to decide to eat healthy food that is beneficial for them. If you always say what is okay to eat and what is not, they will eat more junk food when left unsupervised because they can blame it on the absence of their authority figure.


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