Lower the average weekly grocery bill for a family of 5


Raising three kids involves a lot of spending, but it’s up to you to keep everything under control. So in order to lower the average weekly grocery bill for a family of five we’ve come up with… exactly five ideas to help you reach your goal.

  1. Plan ahead and involve all five in this stage

Every week you should plan a menu that favors all. Even if it takes negotiations (try convincing not one, but three kids to eat veggies!), it will help you ensure that at least you buy items that all will appreciate and want to try. If you avoid discussions, you may end up buying stuff you’ll eventually throw out, and that’s definitely not a smart thing. Prepare the menu, see what’s missing in your pantry in order to cook all the dishes in it and write the shopping list based on it.

  1. Never shop hungry or with hungry kids around

Hungry kids act really crazy and will ask you for anything they crave just on the spot. Not to mention that be fussy, run around and drive you crazy to, making your shopping experience a nightmare. Try leaving them home if you can, if not, at least take them post lunch or dinner when seeing so much food around won’t impress them. Or you, as this is valid for you too, because you’ll tend to throw money around under the empire of hunger (scientifically proven!).

  1. Check if you could skip cooking lunch or dinner at least once a week

Sometimes restaurants have such great deals it’s easier for you to skip spending time in the kitchen. Moreover, this will be a fun outing for the children and a great time to learn how to behave in such places and how to eat properly. You need to instate manners early, so make sure you include eating out in their education. In order learn your way around town when it comes to eating out discounts follow your favorite places in social media.

  1. Only buy what you need

Sometimes discounts are so attractive that you completely forget this basic rule. However, if you already planned the menu and you don’t have the time or patience to start all over with it; don’t buy anything that has high chances to spoil in a week maximum, because what you buy today will go straight to the garbage bin in seven days from now.

  1. Involve your children in the cooking experience

Yes, the kitchen may look like a scene from a war, but at the end of the day they’ll be happy to spend time with you. And, on the long run, they’ll understand the effort put into cooking homemade meals and will also appreciate your work into preparing them fresh food day by day. Also, they’ll learn how to estimate the quantities they need to cook for a certain number of people and they’ll gain independence.

Spending money is easy, making them is more complicated, and this is a message your kids need to have. This takes time and effort for you as a parent, but you’ll see in time results paying off and you’ll be more than happy with the education you gave them.



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