How do You Know Your Body is Ready for Pregnancy


You seem to have reached the necessary balance in order to become a mother. Your life is in order, you have a loving husband, the career you planned is on the right path, you have reached the appropriate financial security and giving birth to a baby is becoming a priority lately. If you decide the environment is ready to receive a baby, remember to focus on yourself too. Try to evaluate yourself psychologically and physically before making the next step. Your baby’s health and development depend strongly on your wellbeing, so take this task seriously.

When deciding if you are healthy enough, keep in mind that health is actually homeostasis. This homeostasis refers to the balance of your body, the way your body stabilizes and balances its chemistry, so that the entire system works efficiently. If this homeostasis is disrupted, the first symptoms of sickness start to appear.

How do I evaluate my body?

First of all, you usually sense if something is not working properly in your body. The body will provide you with symptoms that you should take a break or attend to certain needs. Before you try to become pregnant, try to look out for serious symptoms like the following: extreme fatigue, insomnia, signs of mental health issues such as severe depression, unhealthy weight, skin problems, teeth or gum problems, symptoms of infertility, ovarian cysts, random menstrual cycle, severe headaches and other symptoms that affect your everyday life.

Even if you don’t show any symptoms, you should go to a doctor and do a full check up on your body. You should keep in mind to do the following: go to the dentist to check your gums and teeth, visit the gynecologist, get a pap smear, get a breast check, do a preconception check, do a genetic carrier screening, make sure you are up to date with your vaccines, check for infections, do a full blood test check and any other test that your doctor recommends.

Ask your doctor for any other tests you should run before getting pregnant because if he knows your personal medical history, he might find some important health issues you should investigate.

How do I prepare my body for pregnancy?

After you do a full physical check-up in your doctor’s office, look at the things you can do for yourself next. Since everything is connected to your mental wellbeing try to address this first. Try to cut down on your appointments, make room in your schedule for relaxing activities and make sure you have enough time to rest. Learn to relax and enjoy some free time with your friends and family. If you are relaxed, you will get pregnant much easier. Avoid anything that creates anxiety or depression and remember that all stress factors reduce your chances of becoming pregnant.
Try to have a healthier lifestyle overall and focus especially on the following aspects:

– Exercise more often and try to do some yoga or meditation.
– Do some breathing exercises.
– Try acupuncture.
– Cut down on alcohol and if you can, stop drinking alcohol completely.
– Cut down on caffeine.
– Start taking supplements and vitamins.
– Give up smoking and drugs.
– Eat healthier, focus on food that is full of vitamins and minerals.
– Eat food that improves fertility, like eggs, almonds, salmon, leafy greens.
– Have a fixed sleeping schedule and sleep around 8 hours per night.
– Learn when you ovulate.
– Don’t forget to give up birth control.


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