What Kind of Dad Will He be?


If you think about having a baby, stop for a moment and ask yourself a question: what type of dad will your partner be? Will he be the over-protective type or the fretful type? The internet is full of fun quizzes that can give you a direction of how he might be when becoming a father. We found 5 types of future dads and maybe your partner can be included in one category or in more than one.

  1. The fretful dad. In this first category you will find the dads that are always paying attention, but that can sometimes exaggerate. It’s important that he is taking in consideration the small details but too much attention can turn him in a control freak. The baby’s safety and comfort should be a priority but he must not forget to relax from once in a while.
  2. Type A Dad. If your partner is living his life by the schedule, he will tend to do the same with the baby. ‘Oh, it’s already 12.02? Baby is late for lunch!’ He’s a tad obsessive about sticking to schedules and that can sometimes ruin the fun for your toddler or even for you. Talk to him and make him understand that life cannot be planned from start to finish. That way he will accept surprises when they come your way!
  3. The Provider. This type of dad will always be concern on his responsibilities and his drive to make sure he can meet his family’s need for food and shelter can sometimes get out of hand. If the baby will miss something, he will feel like the whole situation weighs heavily on his shoulders. When becoming parents both of you are part of the process and the same should happen when it comes to responsibilities. It will never be a 50-50% of who’s responsible of the money or who’s taking more care of the baby, but the crucial aspect is to keep the balance in the family.
  4. Hipster. This type of dad is never out of style and you can be positive your baby will look not only cute but stylish as well. We are sure you love the way he matches his clothes, the fact that he’s always paying attention to the details and when asked, he will have an opinion on everything. You should be happy your kids will learn to have good taste when it comes to fashion. Just remember to take care of yourself as well. You may not notice that you are wearing the same t-shirt like yesterday but he will.
  5. Clueless Father. If your partner asks you for the million time where the diapers are, this can be a sign he has no clue how a baby works. Don’t worry, though, he adores the baby and will eventually learn how to take care of him. But he needs more time, patience (from your side) and a couple of books about parenting. Nobody knows what a great parent is until he or she is faced with the situation.

It is very important so have a clue about where your partner stands in this moment but problems, dilemmas and difficult situations can be surpassed by communicating one to another. If you feel there is something you and your partner should talk about, do it now before the issue becomes a real problem. And remember, the baby is there to teach you how to become a better parent than you were yesterday.


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