Kids Summer Vacation Calendar


Summer is long, and with a kid with time to spare it may seem even longer. So don’t miss the opportunity to arrange a clear schedule for him for the season, with all the things he needs to check. He’ll keep busy and you’ll have time to breathe knowing him safe and sound through all the activities you are informed of (or even involved in). However, don’t relax too much, as you never know what ideas he might come up with…
But getting back to his summer holiday calendar, here are the things you should include on his sunny days checklist.

1. Going to the pool – no matter if you take him or if he takes a trip with friends and other parents, spending time outdoors in the warm season is important. Remind him of the sunscreen and drinking water to keep hydrated from inside and he’s all set.

2. Reading – all fun and no play? Not necessarily, because if he’s accustomed to read he’ll be happy to do it. In his own terms, of course, so take him to the local library or to a bookstore and let him choose the books he wants to spend time with.

3. Research for indoor games for rainy days – yep, we encourage you to let him use technology and gadgets as long as it is in your own terms and in your favor. Be astute, dear parent!

4. Going camping – at least once. Again, this is an activity your kiddo can do with you or others whom you trust. He’ll have fun, learn new things and make some extra steps towards independency after spending some time “in the wild”.

5. Setting up a lemonade stand. Or flowers stand. Or whatever he’ll want to sell. Let’s hope not too personal stuff. The truth is that all kids go through the selling phase, so don’t act surprised when you’ll see the little businessman on your hands. Rather than be startled, lend him a hand.

6. Cooking together. What a great opportunity to let him get messy in the kitchen. The summer holiday is perfect as you’ll have tons of fruits at your disposal, you can even add ice cream in the mix and you can teach him a thing or two about cleaning the kitchen afterwards.

7. Getting dirty during or after rain. Now’s the opportunity to put those rubber boots to a good use. Let him play in the dirt because children love this. After the fun is over get the kid in the washing machine and his clothing and footwear in the shower. Or the other way around.

8. Building a teepee in the backyard or in the woods. This will keep him busy planning for the perfect project, gathering the materials and actually building the whole thing. Not to mention how he’ll brag about this afterwards.

9. Throwing a yard sale. Which starts with a cleaning (see what we did here?), so you can teach him some important lessons about decluttering. If it all ends with making some money for new toys he should be more than happy.

10. Creating wall art. If you just “happen” to have a white wall, give the kid some paint in a rainy afternoon and worry not, the thing will disappear in the blink of an eye. And in the place of a boring wall you’ll have a unique art piece. Win-win, right?

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do in the summer, so encourage your child to try all he likes and even come up with ideas for new activities – why not?


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