Kids Party Food: the Complete Guide


When it comes to organizing a party for kids, maybe for a birthday or special anniversary, there are some rules you need to follow, not only for the sake of fun, but also to make sure all attending children are kept safe and sound. Food is a sensitive topic nowadays, so make sure you prepare in the best manner and all the guests of your child are content with what they’re offered and don’t leave the party hungry or indisposed. In order to keep the food issue under control, we’ve defined some rules that should cover you on all bases.

1. Plan according to the number of guests. Children are not as fussy as adults are when it comes to food, even if most tend to believe exactly the opposite. Actually, they are easier to satisfy and if for a grown-up party you’d need tons of food and more than 10 different types of food, with kids under 12 you can stick by the rule of maximum 5. Of course, these should be set up according to other rules, but the main advantage is that you can prepare to easily cover a large variety of expectations without much hassle and without wasting food.

2. Ask for lists of allergies from parents. This is a huge problem, the allergy thing. The last thing you need at the party is to deal with an anaphylactic shock or to notice that a kid starts to swell. Once you have all the lists from all the parents of the attendees you can plan the menu without any restraints.

3. Don’t overdo it with the salty stuff. Go for simple sandwiches or other types of treats or finger food, nothing extravagant. You can torment yourself with the aspect, but don’t fret over fancy ingredients, as kinds really don’t care about them.

4. Opt for healthy food and try to leave out as much as you can sugar and additives. If you can prepare everything at home it’s great, if not, employ a trustworthy caterer and only choose the best.

5. Don’t forget to set up a table (or plate or whatever floats your boat or your kid desires) of fruits. Make them look appealing and ensure they’re all ready to eat, without causing too much nuisance for the little guys running around.

6. You can go over the top with the cake! Don’t forget the cake and don’t put too much emphasis on the healthy aspect of it. You can struggle to offer them healthy treats until dessert, but don’t mess with what’s really important for the children – the birthday cake. Basically, if they’re satisfied with it, they’ll conclude it was a great party even if they only munched on carrot chips and yogurt dip before it.

There’s no major thing to stress about – ok, maybe the allergy stuff, so enjoy planning and preparing the parties that your children will fondly remember for the rest of their lives. Don’t forget to take tons of pictures and to ask for feedback from the birthday/celebrated boy or girl at the end of the affair to make sure the next bash will be even more successful.


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