Why Keep a Pregnancy Diary?


Pregnancy is a magical time in the life of a woman, even more special if it’s the first. It comes with multiple firsts and wonderful new experiences which she will treasure forever. So if you just found out you are pregnant, yet you cannot shout it out loud yet, our suggestion is to start right away keeping a pregnancy diary. This will help you get out all the noisy feelings and thoughts and to celebrate the new life inside you in a beautiful and emotional manner. Here are a few reasons why you should start writing in such a diary ASAP.

  1. You will be able to treasure these moments for a lifetime – a written diary will give you the opportunity to remember forever all the little details you would otherwise forget – the first kick, the first time your felt full of energy, the first sonogram, how the birth started and so on.
  2. In an old-school diary you can draw or paste images or photos. You can draw anything that comes to mind – like the size you imagine the little fingers of your baby when he arrives. Or, you can keep there the positive pregnancy test, photos of you and your bump and even the sonograms. Over the years, it will be very exciting to see all of these again and to remember all the feelings you had during your pregnancy.
  3. At some point, your diary will have a wonderful impact on your child – set to become a parent – he will understand how expected he was, how much joy he brought you and how exciting it was for you to become a mother. Maybe you will even inspire your grown-up child to do something similar for the baby on the way.
  4. Writing in a diary is pure therapy – so don’t panic if you start crying. Expressing all your feelings, taking them out and wrapping them in beautiful words are highly emotional. Yet these are good emotions that will fill you with positive energy and strength.
  5. With the help of the diary you will record even things that don’t impress you too much in present but may have a bigger impact later in life – for example, you may see some funny faces made by the baby during the sonogram. Yes, they’re cute and all but probably they mean nothing now. But what if later in your child’s life you will notice that those grimaces appear only in certain situations? You will feel like a million bucks for understanding how your baby felt even in your womb.

Writing is great. Keeping memories alive forever is even greater. No matter if you are good at writing or not, this will be a wonderful exercise for you to have during such a fantastic period of your life. Not to mention this will help you keep busy in the long hours when you have to wait for… the results of some tests/entering a new check-up/your water breaking and others. Pregnancy is a time of happiness and elation, so don’t miss the chance to record such feelings and cherish them until the end of your life by getting back to your diary once in awhile.


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