How to raise children: the fun guide


Parenting is not easy, but if you take life too seriously it will end up killing you. Well… anyhow, if you decide to have them, at least enjoy the ride. Here are some of our tips and tricks to make parenting less challenging and more fun.

Enjoy every moment

Yes, they don’t sleep in the beginning; you will lack sleep and will miss having a meal in silence or while enjoying a witty dialogue with your partner, but just look at all the new things a newborn learns every single day. At some point your heart will jump out of your body when you child will smile at you knowing precisely who you are and why you’re there. And this is a moment money definitely can’t buy.

Play, play, play!

If you missed your childhood, now’s the time to relive it. Start with the basics and you’ll see that in a couple of years from your child’s birth you’ll be able to access a Lego Chief Executive Officer of the House job. Or maybe a Barbie and Ken House Manager position, why not? It’s all so free and fun that it’s a pity not to get involved in this aspect of your kid’s childhood.

Learn to laugh

He’ll do so many stupid things at some point that it’s better to relax and laugh. For example, imagine waking up to the image of your living in room in bright new colors. Yes… that happens when your child has access to crayons and markers. Will it cost you a fortune to paint it back? Yes. Will it cost you less if you get angry? No… so get over it and enjoy together his work of art. In order to avoid this in the future, negotiate another space for him to use when he feels creative.

Madness in the kitchen

Cooking with a child by your side may be fastidious, but you can turn all into a game if you get him involved. Just make sure you don’t have very high expectations for the outcome and that he does not hurt himself. Otherwise, have fun and get ready for the aftermath.

Raising a social animal

Hosting sleepovers might be a bit too much for anyone who wants to keep his mind intact, but if you do it only once in awhile it will be fun both for you and your kid. You can make the preparation together, plan every activity, shop and cook together and even tidy up the house after the disaster hits. You’ll encourage him to be close to you, have fun with you and trust you, while you’ll also strengthen his social skills.

Fun parenting may not be the same type of fun as clubbing or hiking or traveling, but parenting is a great life experience which deserves to be lived up fully!


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