How to Dress for Each Trimester


Dress up your bump, look and feel great during pregnancy

Congratulations! You’re pregnant! You’re going to embark on one of the most exciting and fabulous journeys and in just a few months you’ll meet your new brand baby.

Make this period unforgettable and choose carefully your outfits.  It’s very important to choose the most comfortable clothes.

The first trimester

The first trimester can be so uncomfortable for you. Why? Because it’s that time when you will find your waistline looking larger considerably quicker than you expect it to. Avoid wearing low-rise jeans and mom jeans – their appearance is very chic, but can cause your tummy to pooch out. Also, shirts or blouses with bands at the bottom are a bad idea, because they can make you look larger. Empire waist dresses and tops are not that flattering, because they will make you look more pregnant than you are.

Because right now you don’t have a massive bump, you can go for layers that include cardigans, vest tops and any other clothing items that draw the attention from your middle. Also, a pair of maternity jeans represents a great investment, because they will prevent you having to walk around in your ordinary pants with the button undone. A-line skirts and dresses, and other items that hit on the waist are also great for this period.

It’s best to stick to your natural waist!

The second trimester

In the second part of your pregnancy, your bump begins to take shape and getting dressed can get a bit tricky. You will witness the most dramatic changes to your figure.

Now you should start to shop smart and choose items with lycra that are shapeless, or bottoms with elastic waistbands. Of course, you can continue to wear your maternity jeans; If you need a little extra support around the belly opt for a comfy pair over the bump style.

You will need a maternity bra which offers a super flexible fit – you will look and feel like a new woman!

Also, wrap dresses are the way to go. They are comfy, stylish and ultra-versatile. Plus, they are perfect for casual days, for work or for special occasions.

Make your bump look like there’s a baby in there, not a huge cheeseburger. Use stylish maternity belts to pull your outfits together and define your silhouette.

The third trimester

You’re so close to meeting your baby! And now comfort is the key!

You begin to feel more sensitive, the reason why you should start wearing clothes in natural fabrics like cotton, linen or cashmere. You can still rock the empire-waist style because can bring great definition to your shape. Maxi dresses will also flatter your curves and elongate your silhouette.

Keep in mind to switch your heels out for some comfy footwear which will provide the ideal support, will boost your circulation and banish back pain. Avoid footwear with zips or laced shoes.

It’s time to start celebrating this amazing time in your life and enjoy some fancy dates with your significant other. It’s magic how these outings can make you feel . For sure you will be able to display your pregnancy glow

Celebrate your body and show it off with confidence!

Pregnancy is such an amazing time in the long run, so make sure you enjoy every second of it



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