How to Choose Baby Gates


Living in a spacious place? Great news, your baby will have enough freedom to move around. However, please also think of the fact that some areas of your home might be unsafe for him when he’s still discovering the world, so baby gates are something you need to consider in order to avoid potential hazards. Have you already given this problem some serious thoughts? Ok then, let’s see what you need to pay attention to when choosing baby gates.

The space you need to keep safe

Is it a narrow one, a wide one, a regular one, a staircase, the dog’s area? Measure the space where you need the gates and make sure your homework is done with this issue when leaving your home to actually shop for them.

The baby’s height

No, we’re not kidding. You need to measure the baby too. In order to make sure he won’t be able to actually jump over the fence you install in his way you need to ensure the baby gates are at least three quarters of his height when you buy them. Also think of the fact that he’s growing quickly…

The type of gates you prefer to have

Commonly, there are three main types of baby gates, so make your choice based on your needs and space: hardware-mounted – which attach to the surroundings with screws, pressure-mounted – which rely on pressure to stay in place, and free-standing, which, as the name correctly indicates, don’t need anything to keep them in place.

The budget you have at your disposal

Prices rank from 30 dollars apiece to more than 200 dollars apiece. Think of how much you’ll use them, of the possibility of selling them after use or, of your own budget, or if this allows you to be picky – go for your favorite brand, look, color or other non-essential characteristics.

Safety Standards

Before actually making the purchase read on the baby gates you have your eyes on and see if they have passed all safety tests and if they have all necessary legal approvals. It’s the safety of your baby at stake, so reading on this topic is definitely not a waste of time.

Keeping him safe is essential, not only for his health right now, but also for his development and thrust in the surroundings, which is based on his current experiences. Thus, choosing the best baby gates for him from the start is essential.


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