How to be a Positive Parent


Parenting transforms a regular human being in a package of love and worries, so positivity is often left aside. However, in order to grow a child in a stress-free environment, a parent needs to learn a few little things about being positive. Here are our tips and tricks.

Talk to your child – for him, from the moment he arrives in this world, everything is brand new. He may not be aware of what you’re telling him, but this stimulation will slowly transform him in a tiny human being which understands the power of communication through words and uses it in his favor.

Try to avoid the negative sentences – instead of saying no, offer alternatives. Explain, explain, explain. Some children understand better through dialogues, some appreciate games and some are attracted to drawings. Alternatives can come in any of these shapes, and are a great option of avoiding a strong no offered in a bad moment.

Encourage him to be a problem solver – offering all solutions on a silver platter is the easy way out for any parent, but this negatively affects the child on the long run. Rather than fixing everything for him, let him find solutions to his problems and encourage him in everything he does.

Let him experience failure – failure is a learning experience for any child. Yes, he might feel angry or frustrated, but he needs to learn how to convey that negative energy in order to obtain a positive outcome the next time he tries something new. Walking is the simplest example we can think of. Learning to fall will teach him to avoid hazards, right?

Find the cause of the problem, don’t fix the effects only – if he’s crying, soothe him, but don’t ignore the reason behind his tears. If you pay attention to his needs and go to the root causes that give him moments of sadness, he’ll also assume this manner of solving his own issues, which need to be handled from the origins.

Positive parenting isn’t about saying yes to anything, but about raising a confident child, reason why you, as a parent, will also have to learn continuously how to handle his journey through childhood.


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