Holiday Activities for Children


Finding interesting activities for you and your child during the holiday can be a challenge at any age. But it’s also an excellent opportunity to enrich your lives with wonderful memories. Holidays are a wonderful time to bond in a new and exciting environment. If your daily routine hardly gives you any free time to spend with your family, your holiday is the time to unwind and enjoy their company full-time. Learn how to choose age-appropriate activities for your child and you will share a wonderful experience.

If your child is still a baby:

  • Play with him at the beach but choose the appropriate season and temperature. Avoid places that are too hot or too cold. Babies are more sensitive and need a balanced temperature. So if you choose the beach don’t go when it’s extremely warm. Spending time near the salty water is healthy for your child but always go in the morning or evening and use cream with high sun protection factor.
  • Walk in the mountain to get fresh air. Keep in mind to go when it’s warm, avoid going to the mountain in the middle of the winter.
  • Visit your relatives. This can be a good option if your child is still a baby because you can spend time with your extended family that is surely excited to meet the new family member.

If your child is between 2 and 5 years old:

  • Go to the beach. The sun and the sea are a great place to spend time with your child. He will surely love the sand, the water and you will have a great time together. Try to keep an eye on him so he doesn’t wander off since he is too young to go in the water unsupervised.
  • Have a game night and a sleepover. Children will love to play with their friends, watch cartoons together and cuddle for a goodnight sleep. Create a fun and loving environment for them to have this experience. You can also join them for a game and a laugh!
  • Teach your child to play sports outdoors. You can choose soccer, football or any kind of sport. Your children will surely love even to play catch with you.

If your child is between 6 and 12 years old:

  • Have a party together. You can invite his friends, make a barbeque and play some games together. Don’t forget to involve him in the cooking process and in preparing the party.
  • Visit an interesting foreign country. Your child is old enough to understand other cultures and visit new, interesting places. Try to find a place that doesn’t resemble your country at all and explore a new world together.
  • Have a picnic. This is a good option for spending time during the holiday because it involves spending time outdoors, physical activity while playing outdoor games, sharing a pleasant meal together and also socializing with friends and even new children from the park.

If your child is a teenager:

  • Visit a museum He is old enough to learn interesting things about art and history.
  • Go to a concert that you can both enjoy. Choose a type of music that you both like and create fun memories together.
  • Show him places from your childhood. He is now old enough to understand your family’s history and you might want to pass on some information about his family tree. This can be a great activity that can help you bond.


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