Gifts for Kids: Toys vs. Clothing


For a parent, buying anything for the baby is not considered gifting him, as the mother and father need to provide all that’s necessary for their child. As for others, the situation is more complicated and there are several scenarios to take into account when you need to buy something for another person’s bundle of joy.

If you’re close to the parents – just ask what they need

This is the safest path to a successful gift. The parents probably already have TONS of stuff for their baby, even before he’s born, but you can bet they still have stuff on their minds. Maybe some fancy educational toys, maybe some designer clothes that don’t really make sense on such a small baby, but they’re, oh, so cute! So honesty and openness is the best way to go, especially if you are close to them, if you’re friends and if you can ask them directly what they want or need. Of course, counting on the fact that they won’t exaggerate with anything. But that’s what nearness means, after all.

Buying toys – for kids with parents focused on what’s necessary

Clothing is a basic need for a baby, while a toy may help his development, but isn’t exactly something he couldn’t live without. So if you know that the parents are not big spenders, or their budget is limited, or they’re simply not aware of what toys are good for what, you go and buy the baby some toys. And rather than focusing exactly on the present day, think about the future, as the baby, no matter his exact age, may be more developed and get bored by some of the things on the market. Another possible issue? He might already have the same item from another person who considered a good idea to buy it to him. And while three activity blankets are not exactly what the kiddo needs, the point is that keeping the receipt is a good idea. This way, in case the child already has that certain item, the parents can go to the store and return it in order to pick up something different.

Buying clothes – for parents

Why for parents? Kids that small don’t care about their clothing. They have no idea if they’re pretty dressed or if their clothes are torn or stained. However, not the same things can be said about some parents, who’d rather spoil their baby with toys and who get excited when their baby gets some really cute clothes from family or friends, while they only focus on the basics. So in such a situation you should splurge on a pretty pink tutu or on a personalized onesie without too much thinking, as you’ll make a couple of new parents really, really happy.

Until a certain point, at least until they’re one and a half, kids don’t pay attention to what they’re wearing, while after the first months of their life you can make them extremely happy with some cleverly chosen toys.


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