What Gifts to Buy for a New Mom


Being a new mom is one hell of a ride, so it’s important to be prepared for the role. In case you are only an outsider and plan to visit a new mom, it’s time to start thinking about a present. And unless you’re really close and you can ask and expect an honest answer at the “What do you need?” question, you should be prepared. Be careful not to offend with your gift and try to have at least the basic information before hunting for something special: is she breastfeeding? Will she carry her newborn in a baby wearing system? Does she have any help with the baby? Is she dieting?… and so on. If you have such info it will be easier to decide on the most appropriate gift from our list of suggestions.

A nursing dress – this is a really cool gift many new moms appreciate, however, this is something you should not consider if you’re merely an acquaintance as it may seem a bit off. However, if you’re mommy’s pal, consider her fuller figure and her taste in fashion and surprise her with a nice piece of clothing she’ll be able to sport in the next months.

A voucher for a shoe store – another nice and useful present, especially if the new mom is a fan of heels, which are not exactly comfy for long strolls with a newborn. So she may be more than happy to spend the voucher on a cozy pair of sneakers or flats, which she probably needs.

A large scarf – if she’s breastfeeding, but wants to go incognito in public, this will serve her purpose. Not to mention this is a great accessory and may represent an awesome fashion statement.

A massage hour in a lovely SPA – good reason to know if she has any help with the baby, right? If not, your money on the massage is wasted, as she won’t be able to enjoy it. But if she does, she’ll probably be eternally grateful for such a thoughtful gift.

A good book, newly published – she’s probably over her head with baby books, so if she’s a bookworm you can grab a fresh copy of a newly-printed book – just to make sure she hasn’t bought it yet.

A book with smoothies recipes – reader or not, if she’s dieting, she’ll love such a present. Even if it may be a bit far-fetched to consider she has a great deal of time to prepare too many smoothies recipes in the beginning of motherhood, once the baby is diversified, mommy can have her wish of juice time granted.

A ticket to a theater play – another present for a mom who needs a couple of adult hours. She’s probably over her head with diaper duty, so why not offer her two relaxing hours in which she can indulge in a wonderful pleasure as theater is?

A huge flower bouquet – a sweet and classic present, perfect if you are not too close to the new mom and you don’t want to mess it up. Add a nice card to the bouquet and you’re all set.

As you can see, most of these are focused on the woman, not necessarily on the mom. Of course, the root of the list is based on the needs of a new mother, but not necessarily from the perspective of the woman with child, as she probably has all she needs for that perspective. Not to mention that once her baby is born, the mother is often ignored and everything she receives is actually for the baby.


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