How to Furnish a Nursery – Tips and Tricks


While you may just hold in your hand a stick that confirms you have a bun in the oven, worry not, the days will go by so fast you won’t believe it. And sooner than you think you’ll find yourself with a tiny human totally depending on you on your hands. This is one of the reasons why you need to prepare from all perspectives for the arrival of a baby.

One of the things you need to consider is the nursery. This will be the room in which you and the baby will spend most of your time together, so you need to create a cozy and comfy environment which inspires warmth and love… while staying on a budget! However, we have some tips and tricks to help you pick the best items, not only regarding functionality, but also the ambiance.

  1. Start with the crib. This is your focus point and the most important for the baby and his development, so before choosing toys or door knobs, think of your expectations from the crib both in terms of use and aspect and decide on the perfect one for your newborn. The best is to choose a basic one, for two important reasons: it’s easier to build up the nursery around it, and it’s good to keep it for baby number two in case you decide for more than one baby.
  2. Pick a theme. Maybe you want a girly room with princesses or maybe you feel inspired by the delicacy and cuteness of Winnie the Pooh and you want to play this card for the nursery design.
  3. Based on the theme, decide on the wall color. It’s easier if you avoid drawing stuff on the walls or painting on them because a renovation can be made easier.
  4. Buy a big closet. We know it’s a tiny human you’re having, but you’ll receive plenty of gifts for him while you won’t resist buying a ton of stuff yourself, no matter how many things you already have.
  5. Buy a spacious chest of drawers. It will provide you space for diapers, cosmetics, socks, bibs and others and it will be a great base for the changing mattress, saving room with such an arrangement (which could successfully replace having a simple changing table besides other pieces of furniture).
  6. Decide on the setting of the furniture in the room. This is very important because you need to make it functional, while preparing the nursery for all the accessories bound to be included in it.
  7. Buy an armchair, great for breastfeeding or bottle feeding, and place it close to the crib.
  8. Buy and install some shelves.
  9. Populate the shelves with toys, pictures, paintings, books and other cute stuff that will define the room and add it personality.
  10. Add a pretty curtain and a simple lamp, which you should also cover with a scarf or a piece of fabric to avoid strong light in the middle of the night, which could wake up the baby for goods.

Now, sit down and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. The nursery is ready to receive its landlord, while you should catch your breath before hearing his first scream.


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