Financial planning for a baby


Before taking the decision of having a baby, you need to feel prepared. And this does not refer only to the sentimental side, of craving for a baby and feeling ready to raise one, with all the stress and joys involved, but also to the material side. You like it or not, you need to be ready money-wise too in order to start trying for a baby, so here are some things you need to think about in advance.

Pre-pregnancy check-ups are a headache

Once you decide on the baby, you should check your health. There are infections that may not affect your, but may affect the fetus or might even delay the conception. So first of all you’ll need to set aside a budget for all the pre-baby making check-ups needed for both you and your partner.

Pregnancy spending also needs to be considered

We live in a time where you can discover a lot of pregnancy or baby-related issues easily; however, you need the money for them. In order to prevent issues and to stay on top of all during the pregnancy, you’ll need to make a lot of trips to your ob/gyn, which all cost. Also, you should prepare more money if you want to see your baby often through ultrasounds. Vitamins and treatments for mild problems might also affect your budget.

Here comes the baby…

The biggest chunk of spending you’ll have with the baby stuff. If you don’t have friends to give you hand me downs you’ll have quite a list of things to buy. Newborn clothing, diapers, stroller, car seat, bouncer, crib, furniture and so on. Of course, in the end not all things are necessary, but if you want to do this by the book you’ll crave for his own space, new little cute baby onesies, a good stroller, a safe car seat and so on. All of these come with quite high price tags, so think this through. If you’re clearly doing it, once you know you’re pregnant and maybe even know the gender start hunting for good deals and discounts and buy all you need through the course of time.

And in the no baby department…

Think also about your regular spending. Loans, holidays, outings, house and car fixtures and so on. Can you afford all these and a baby? What would you never ever give up? Think about the needs first and the wants second. Put money aside for the needs and see how to handle the extra wants.

Having a baby is both unexpectedly expensive and incredibly precious. Make the decision of bringing a baby into this world well informed and thinking not only about the newborn phase, but also about the years to come, when spending only goes higher. However, don’t forget about your desire and think about all the people that can make it in this world with beautiful families.


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