Faux Barnwood Wall: a DIY project


Having a baby is not all about choosing the right name, learning lullabies or reading on health and nutrition for infants. It’s also about creativity, about that mental process of the parents taking the right decisions regarding future activites, about games or about the decoration of the nursery.

Megan, the author of sugarnspicemakeseverythingnice.wordpress.com, has truly demonstrated that by starting a “DIY Faux Barnwood Accent Wall” when she was 6 1/2 months pregnant. That far away in the pregnancy, you surely need a lot of courage, aside creativity, to embark on such a large and complex project.

Below you can see the final result, which we consider to be absolutely fabulous.

You can try to follow the same steps or adjust some of them to obtain a different final results. Here is the full story of how this wonderful Faux Barnwood Wall DIY project began and ended.

More about the author of the project:

My name is Megan. I’m just a small town girl. I am a wife to Jody and a mother to Henry. I have a HUGE family that can get pretty crazy and hectic at times, but I love them.

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